Knees, Ticks, and Tar Baby’s

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the knee is coming along.  Rehab therapy has begun, but I confess everytime I say that word Amy Winehouse springs to mind and I have a notion to duct tape a bird’s nest to my head to emulate her hairstylings.  I am able to get about slowly without a cane much of the time, which is nice because the cane I have is your basic brown question mark looking metal cane from Rite-Aid.  While it serves its purpose, I really wanted a cane with a Lion’s head handle that converted into a sword…sort of like King Willie sports in Predator 2.

Alas, it was not to be…but my silliness about the cane of my dreams is more than offset by the silliness I see out there in politics land…

One of the sad things about pay per ad click blogs is that they often engage in yellow journalism to drive more traffic their way.  How else to explain the reaction here and here to Tom Davis using the term “Tar Baby” to describe an intractable obstacle that once involved with is almost impossible to escape?  While it has been used as an offensive racial term, Davis’ use of the term was correct and not offensive.  I imagine that this term will fall into the same category as “niggardly”, which I discussed last year…and that soon those who argue for freedom of speech will demand that the Uncle Remus stories come off the library shelf.

Now, if folks want to get in an uproar, then I imagine NLS and others will head straight to Cherry Grove, SC, and picket this establishment. But make sure and eat breakfast first, because the food is great.

In other news, the Bwana clan went out on cub scout camping trip this past weekend, and came home with a great appreciation for mag lite flashlights, coleman lanterns, and-wait for it-at least two ticks per person.

Me thinks SWMBO is permanently off of camping trips unless the lodging includes room service…



One thought on “Knees, Ticks, and Tar Baby’s

  1. Bwana:
    I agree with the SWMBO, “Roughing it, means a Motel 6 without a remote!”


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