Life’s Rich Pageantry, Part 1-Steve Agee to Appeals Court

Sometimes we see interesting things in the news that move beyond the need for mere ruminating…they have such mystery and coincidence that they fall under the category of “Life’s Rich Pageantry”, or LRP.  Today’s paper dropped three such items in my lap…

You may wonder where I go this terms….

Many years ago journalist Guy Fridell interviewed the late Colgate Darden.  The result was his book Conversations with Colgate, capturing conversations that covered the length and breadth of Darden’s illustrious career.  In one interview Darden allowed that his family, whenever encountered with a bizarre, mysterious, humorous situation that could not be explained they wrote it off as part of “Life’s Rich Pageantry”.

The first item comes with the unanimous Senate confirmationof Virginia Supreme Court Justice G. Steven Agee to fill a seat on the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge Agee is a former member of the Virginia House of Delegates, then a member of the Virginia Court of Appeals, and then raised to the Virginia Supreme Court.  He must be a proud man today with his confirmation.

But what captures my attention is that fifteen years ago today Judge Agee, still in politics, was involved in a tooth and nail struggle for the Virginia GOP nomination for Attorney General…a contest he lost.  The man who defeated him was…Jim Gilmore.

Here it is fifteen years later.  Agee is now a member of the second highest judicial level in the land, while Jim GIlmore desperately attempts to regain the political luster he enjoyed in the mid to late 1990’s by fighting off a surprisingly strong challenge by Bob Marshall for the GOP Senate nod and then having to face the challenge of beating the man who succeeded him as governor, Mark Warner.  The first challenge is proving more difficult than originally anticipated, and the second will be…quite the effort.

Taking the long view, I wonder if Steve Agee really lost in that nomination fight…

LRP, indeed…



One thought on “Life’s Rich Pageantry, Part 1-Steve Agee to Appeals Court

  1. Bwana:
    As a die-hard Agee for AG supporter and campaign worker, I think things actually worked out better for Judge Agee. I congratulate him on his appointment and wish him all the best. He is truly the gentleman from Salem.

    Glad to see you are feeling better Bwana,


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