Life’s Rich Pageantry, Part 2-Kaine snubs Byrne

Today’s WaPo announced that TheGov endorsed ChairGer in the race for he Democratic nomination for the Va 11 House seat. In doing so, he snubbed his 2005 running mate LB3, also a candidate for said nomination.

When I read that, I thought, “OH, the gang at RK ain’t going to be happy about this.”

Well…when I am right, I am right. A piece of the RK reaction to the even the possibility of Kaine endorsing Connolly:

…if this is true, it’s very disturbing news. Whether it’s bad judgment on Kaine’s part or merely a political payback, it’s doing the people of the 11th a disservice by endorsing the wrong candidate.

This is the mild conclusion to the piece, which goes into great detail why Kaine is wrong to back Connolly.

Meanwhile, over at NLS Ben takes the high road, simply referring to the endorsement as “Governor Kaine’s Blood Drenched Hands.”

I do find it interesting that Kaine has decided to endorse in this race, while he has not in the Va-10 contest nor did he in last year’s senate primary in Richmond between Donald McEachin and Benjamin Lambert. In fact, given Kaine’s constant droning about his time as a missionary, his commitment to liberal ideas, opposition to the death penalty, etc., it would seem to me that Leslie Byrne is a more reasonable choice for him to endorse, except…

…Nothing drives Kaine more than politics. He has always kept himself camouflaged, beginning with his 2005 campaign pledge to not raise taxes and then recanting on that idea before he was even sworn into office. The only reason I can think of for TheGov’s endorsement is that he thinks ChairGer has the best chance to win the general, and I have to wonder if he thinks he needs to endorse to help push ChairGer over the finish line.

But it is the RK reaction and the irony of the situation that strikes me. While I generally disagree with Lowell and the RK gang (and even was called a mouth breather over there in a comment), I recognize and admire the driving energy and devotion to their causes and candidates. They were in the front row pushing Tim Kaine and political blogging in Virginia in 2005, led the charge for Jim Webb in 2006, and served as a central information point for the statehouse races in 2007.

They laid it out heart and soul for Tim Kaine in 2005-their blog is even named for him. To have him come back around and to get into the Va-11 race for a candidate they so clearly despise must be heartbreaking…although I do not anticipate them changing the name of their blog to “RaisingByrne”.

On that count I do feel sorry for them today, but I guess that is part of Politics…yesterday’s allies are today’s misguided idiots.

Life’s Rich Pageantry strikes again!


One thought on “Life’s Rich Pageantry, Part 2-Kaine snubs Byrne

  1. Bwana:
    I really have to ask this question…”Are you really that surprised?” So far, The Tim Kaine that I know has been very predictable. The two know each other through their local government circles. Chair Ger was solid in his support for Kaine and helped bring Fairfax County in for the Governor. While all LB3 did was carp about not having an office to run for. Too Bad for her. The only reason she was elected to Congress the first time was because Henry Butler was not a good candidate. Personally, I think LB3 should find closure, get in another line of work and go “quietly into that goodnight”
    Take care Bwana

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