RK Ticked at Kaine, Takes a Striking Step

Earlier today I blogged about the Kaine endorsement of Gerry Connolly, and how it must be a bitter disappointment to those at RaisingKaine that the guy who got them into the blogosphere not only refused to endorse their candidate in Va-11 but instead chose to endorse a candidate they find thoroughly odious.

I then made the tounge in cheek observation that while they are ticked, they have not changed the name of the blog to “RaisingByrne”…so things are not so bad.

Turns out they did something else…

If you hit the link above adn head over to RK, you will find that the full name “Raising Kaine” has been scrubbed from the masthead of the blog.

Yep, these guys are not happy.


3 thoughts on “RK Ticked at Kaine, Takes a Striking Step

  1. Nope, they’re not happy and neither am I. They now have simply RK on their masthead. Out of respect for them, I’ve changed my blogroll to reflect their change and will keep it that way as long as they retain that on their masthead.

  2. What a bunch of sulking, spoiled brats! I say hang the full name around their necks like an albatross. I guess that if you are not with these children 100% of the way, you are against them.

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