Bloviation and Balderdash in Va-10

After a very hot weekend filled with yardwork (a challenge on the still recovering knee, the bad knee, and the really nasty weather), cookouts, and way too much time spent out doors, I go to peruse the blogs and see that the post per minute level about the Va-10 primary has increased hugely.

For those who paying attention to Va-11 you may have overlooked the GOP and Democratic primaries in Va-10 tomorrow. The Dems have Judy Feder looking to get by retired USAF Colonel Mike Turner, while little known and seen Vern McKinley is running against incumbent GOP Congressman Frank Wolf.

Winguts-R-Us and IP Address Insanity

McKinley is by all evidence supported by far right wing elements of the GOP in Loudoun county who truly believe that if you are not in 100% agreement with them you are in league with Lucifer. Their absolutist agenda is up for display in a lengthly series of posts at Too Conservative…which then lead to the creation of another series of posts stemming from a claim by someone alleging to be Nona McKinley (Vern’s spouse) and saying that a car with a Wolf bumpersticker tried to run her (and her children) off the road, and all but suggests this was a Wolf campaign act (as the claim is interpreted by our pal NLS)

Of course, “her” claim has no real evidence to back it up, and to make it even more suspicious is the fact that the “Nona McKinley” poster has the same IP address as at least three other posters on the Too Conservative site. Then there is the reality check…as is standard campaign practice, the Wolf campaign has not engaged their lesser known and underfunded opponent…so now the McKinley campaign wants folks to believe that the Wolf campaign is resorting to violence?

I tend to think her claims would have had even more impact had she not devolved into a campaign speech at the end.

Such bizarre attacks show how desparate these elements are, and why they typically fail.

When has “Bring the Wife” Worked?

The “Bring the Wife” strategy is nothing new to the wingnut crowd. We saw it here in Va-41 in 2005 when wife of GOP nominee Michael Golden claimed that Democrat David Marsden had attacked her personally. Among other things alleged:

Then there is the phone message left by some claiming to be Jennie Golden (the GOP wife) , who went on to say that DM was claiming that MG was in favor of “killing women” and “sending kids to school with guns”, and promising fuller explanation in a future mailing.

There were no future mailings and no fuller explanations.

Ultimately, after Golden barely came in with 40%, it came around to me that these claims were based on a daisy chain of position claims that could not be validated…which perhaps explains the lack of fuller explanation.

So, this McKinley tactic has been tried…without success.

Lack of Logic to Attacks

The whole Too Conservative post is full of posts saying they are for Vern because he is pro-second amendment, pro-life, etc., but nowhere do they show that Frank Wolf is not the same. Along those lines, I see the very ideological NRA did not endorse in this GOP primary-which suggests that Frank Wolf is no worse on 2nd amendment rights than his opponent…and I have yet to hear anyone offer serious evidence that Frank Wolf is anything but Pro-Life.

The “Nona” note is proof Vern Should Stay Home

I think at one level the “Nona” note is proof that Vern McKinley is not ready for prime time, much less a seat in Congress.  Those that have seen him in action question his ability to effectively represent the 10th. I have not heard him speak, but this episode puts things in focus.

a) If this post is not from Ms. McKinley, then Vern should denounce it immediately. Given the place of blogs in todays politics, Mr. McKinley has to know of the post…so if untrue, denounce.
b) If the post is from his wife, why did this information come from her and not from him? Moreover, if he really thinks this was a Wolf inspired stunt, why is there no press conference, etc.?

Bottom line-either he lacks the courage to call out and put down the nutty folks backing him, or he lacks the courage to stand up for those closest to him. Either way, this is clearly not the person to offer principled leadership on capital hill.

The fact is that all the opposition really comes from a small faction that will be unhappy with any representative who is not with them 100%. This challenge is based less in issues that in a futile demand for ideological purity…and history does not indicate that such narrow movements are generally successful.

Do you think that is an overstatement? Then don’t forget that it was Mike McHugh, leader of the McKinley effort, who claimed that state Senator Ken Cuccinelli is too liberal on guns (and for endorsing Congressman Wolf). Of course, McHugh also believes the NRA does not do enough to protect Second Amendment rights.

As a SenKen constituent, I will tell you that I don’t think it is possible to be more conservative than my state Senator, yet McHugh seems to think so…which gives you an idea of the ilk backing Vern. This is less about electing Vern than trying to take down Frank Wolf, with whom McHugh has issues going back so far and deep it would take a combination archaeologist and sociologist to fully explain them.

The Only Choice

The only real choice in this GOP primary is the re-nomination of Frank Wolf. He has capably and honorably represented Virginia 10 throughout his almost thirty years in Congress. He has hued the conservative line, and shown in his humanitarian work that one can be a conservative and also look beyond the matters of finance and defense. Long before the national media picked up on it, Congressman Wolf was calling for some show of US discontent with China’s human rights policies. He has sought solutions to ease traffic and to protect our historic legacies through preservation legislation. His effective constituent service is legendary

And, even it this doesn’t cut ice with you, even if you don’t agree with him on all positions, consider this…how does it benefit this district, in terms of day to day nut cutting politics, to replace a 28 year veteran who sits on the House Appropriations Committee with a rookie from either party?

It seems to me that GOP voters have one choice tomorrow in Va-10…

Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Wolf!


9 thoughts on “Bloviation and Balderdash in Va-10

  1. You got that right! If I was in the 10th I’d vote for Wolf. I encourage everyone in that district to support him. I am embarrassed to be a Republican sometimes because of all the McHugh nuts out there. There is a place for compassionate conservatism.

  2. I also agree completely.
    This may be one of the best blog posts ever that hits on everything I agree with.
    Last night, I received a robo call from noted Town Fool of the Lunatic Right, John Grigsby, on a tirade against Frank Wolf, Jim Rich, and others. This is the same idiot who had to shell out his meager family resources when he was hit by a libel suit for playing a drunken “Mr. Valerie Kelly” before the Loudoun Board of Supervisors.
    By the way, I would place bets that the Vern McKinley fan who is making up the story about Mrs. McKinley is none other than Loudoun’s own Campaign Manager for the Lunatic Right, Joel Borgquist, who was the mastermind behind the last place Ahlemann for Sheriff race last fall.

  3. Hey, no argument from me as well. Frank is a good, dedicated public servant and statesman and I think he is the clear choice for June and November. Good Luck tomorrow Frank!!!


  4. I am a long time Republican 10th district voter supporting Vern McKinley. It’s sad that Republicans in our district are disparaging Vern and his campaign. It is almost impossible to go up against a 28 year incumbent yet he’s put his hat in the ring and given voters like me who are disgusted with Wolf who voted for keeping the DC gun ban in place, voted for REAL ID, voted with the Democrats on SCHIP and raising the minimum wage. He speaks out on earmarks yet keeps up the practice himself. He is nothing more than a hypocrite once you start actually looking into his voting record.

    McKinley is a true limited government Reagan Republican unlike Wolf.

    Wolf is too comfortable and his voting record on taxes, but especially spending tells this voter it is time for him to retire.

    Vote Early, Vote ONCE, Vote Vern.

  5. Fair enough…it is a free country and we should vote as we see fit. Follow the dictates of your conscience, and if you are working the polls tomorrow, stay shaded and hydrated.

    In the meantime I will wait for McKinley to either come out swinging in defense of his wife or else denounce those supporters who are casting some really nasty aspersions toward Congressman Wolf and his supporters.

    I guess I don’t see much difference between the disparaging you are engaging in above and the disparagement you are concerned about.

    However, one thing that is really interesting is where this puts Congressman Wolf on the ideological spectrum…you are all but calling him a liberal, but Judy Feder and the Democrats will tell you he is a pure conservative.

    I guess that is what happens when folks start cherry picking a 28 year career in the interests of winning an election.

  6. I do live in the 10th District and am voting for Frank Wolf. McKinley comes off as one of these Ron Paul anti-war types who may have some good ideas on fiscal issues but are clueless on defense.

    The robocalls I’ve been getting against Wolf are pretty disgusting by claiming that Wolf is somehow not pro-life enough (reminds me of the crap that got circulated against Gilmore) or the latest screed against Jim Rich and Anna Lee. I mean, what was the purpose of that? How many voters REALLY CARE about the internal politics of the 10th District convention (which were distorted by the phone call)? Now I really don’t know Jim Rich well, but if people are so unhappy then they should have challenged him for the chairmanship. Clearly, the State Central slate he favored lost. And Anna Lee is a nice person who is no “ultra-liberal.” She also has worked her butt off for a wide variety of Republican candidates, more then I can say for a lot of people.

  7. Bwana:
    Makes me glad I live in the 11th. Used to be in the 10th District and I am upset on hearing that Frank and/or Jim Rich are being disparaged in this way. Looks like Vern mcKinley is taking lessons from our New State Party Chairman. WRONG! WRONG! way to go!!! I have said this before on another post, Change for change sake is not always a good idea. If the republicans in the 10th District vote Mr. McKinley as their nominee, then there are two words they better get used to saying….”Congresswoman Feder!”


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