Deeds v. Moran-Are the Blogosphere Lines Already Drawn?

It seems the the relative harmony of the NOVA Demo blogosphere is over.  Now that LB3 has lost, posts today on two separate Democratic blogs show suggest the lines in next year’s democratic gubernatorial selection process may already be drawn.

This suggestion is due to recent polling on next year’s Virginia Gubernatorial campaign.  The polling shows:

Bob McDonnell– 32%
Creigh Deeds– 27%
Undecided- 40%

Bob McDonnell– 33%
Brian Moran– 27%
Undecided- 39%

OK-over a year out from the election these seem somewhat ordinary numbers.  However at NLS Ben sings out:

“Bad News For Creigh Deeds”

Why? Deeds has run statewide, spent a bazillion bucks, and is no better off than Delegate Moran who has not run statewide or spent as much.

Digest this, then head to RK, where the lead item on the poll states in its commentary:

“These numbers are a HUGE boost to Creigh Deeds”

The logic?  These numbers prove that rumors of a Moran lead are gross exaggerations…

These contrasting posts lead me to two thoughts:
1. The battle lines are already being drawn for 2009 in the Virginia Democracy, and we will likely be treated to a continued series of contrasting analysis of polls, voting patterns, and the like. I suspect this could be the most interesting and sub rosa contentious Democratic contest since Gerry Baliles, Dick Davis, and Richard Bagley duked it out in 1985…have those lines already been drawn in the blogosphere?

2. We have a Presidential election going on, not to mention a US Senate race and a full slate of congressional races. Anybody who thinks this poll is gospeh, and that folks are already focused on next year’s races is fooling themselves…


2 thoughts on “Deeds v. Moran-Are the Blogosphere Lines Already Drawn?

  1. More people are about to form an opinion about McDonnell-Moran and isn’t in Moran’s favor.

    It’s better to have undecided people that are up for grabs, than people that have formed an opinion that isn’t in your favor.

  2. Deeds has shown that he can run strongly statewide in all the regions. For the Dems, there ought to be considerable concern about how Moran would play downstate.

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