Illegal Immigration Problems in Loudoun

This report on illegal immigration problems in Loudon County is a must read.

I have been pretty much on the periphery of the illegal alien issue, but have been taken time and again by folks like WaPo columnist Marc Fisher who try to compare today’s situation with that faced by their grandparents.

Time and again folks like Mr. Fisher fail to draw a distinction between their forbears who came to this country, tried to learn the language, follow the rules and laws, paid their taxes, and embraced the melting pot…and those in Loudoun who don’t learn the language, evade and break the rules and laws, skirt paying taxes, and reject both the melting pot and the mosaic concept.

Be sure to read the link above about Loudoun County…borderline shocking.


2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Problems in Loudoun

  1. Good Post, I have been more than appalled with our leaders stance on this issue. Thanks for sharing the struggle for these folks. I will link to you on this.

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