Why They Run Scared…

Something happened the other day that underscores the silliness of some of the Judy Feder campaign lingo, and also shows just how some really silly stuff is said to raise money.

The Feder campaign has through various means maintained that Congressman Frank Wolf is “running scared”…because refusing to take an opponent for granted is a bad thing. Of course, were he not “running scared” he would be taken to task for being overconfident.

Now Ms. Feder is not the only person who does this.  This tact is a tabiya of politics. The same thing goes on in most any district where a challenger needs to brighten up a boring day and attack the opponent…if they are running scared, they are in danger of losing, but if they are not running scared, they are overconfident. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t-pick your poison.

I believe any candidate worth a dang runs scared. If the office and the opportunity means anything to them, they run scared.  If they are serious about public service, they run scared.

Why? Because if you don’t, things like this happen.

I guess there are other by products of running scared-like drawing over 90% in a party primary and firing up your people…or you could choose to not run scared, and score a much lower percentage.

But who would do a thing like that?


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