Bwana’s Birthday…

As of today, RR has been up and running for three years.  What started as a little exercise in writing practice has seen time spent in Blogger and now WordPress, has extended past 533 posts and endured 62,544 spam hits (and that is only since moving to WordPress).

Who’d a thunk it? Well, it would seem a little birthday music is in order…

Here’s to all you folks who are willing put your ideas out on the web and to stand up for your cause…agree or not, the robust exchange of ideas benefits because you stay in the field.  Blogging as part of political participation on the internet continues to make a difference as a way to exchange ideas, build coalitions, impact campaigns,

And to all those who have come and gone…Chad Dotson, Will Vehrs, Conaway B. Haskins III, the Richmond War Room, Chris Chandler, Mrs. Calabash, and others-good night, good night, wherever you are!  Your contributions to the Virginia blogosphere are not forgotten, and your presence and contribution are missed.

But I will tell you, if I could have a real blogging birthday present, it would be for this imagined event to really take place.

Take care and prepare yourself for Fall 2008-it is going to be a bumpy ride!


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