Off to Goshen…

Tomorrow AM WMD #1 and I head off for a week at the Goshen Scout reservation down in SWAC country.  I will not have internet connectivity until I return home next weekend.

SO…I will not be able to approve any comments made to this blog until I return.

I make this statement now for the benefit of the Phil Rodanakis types out there.  The unique Mr. Phil replied to a post while I was out of town and without connectivity, and then three days later again posted (but not in the same string) all sort of not so veiled legal threats.

SO-be forewarned…from tomorrow early AM until the following weekend I will not only not be posting, but will be unable to approve comments posted this blog.

Until then!



3 thoughts on “Off to Goshen…

  1. there sure are some cranky people out there. You’ve got to wonder. Why am I not surprised that Phil Rodokanakis is one of them.

    Have a good trip.

  2. PS: I’m considering initiating legal action if my prior comment does not appear in the next 30 seconds.

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