Back from Goshen…

I have returned from the Goshen Scout reservation with WMD #1.  And, although we caught far more rain early in the week than I though possible, a good grimy, dirty time was had by all.

The food was good, fun was had at all the learning centers, and WMD#1 now knows what can happen if you get to close to the water while fishing.  By the same token, he also knows how to make apple cobbler and how to fashion a sword from wood and rope.

So, on balance, a good week…of course, I now have to catch up with political developments of the last week or so…

The highlight?  Well, there is nothing quite like having the center of a thunder storm pass right over top your campsite while sleeping in a old style army tent.


2 thoughts on “Back from Goshen…

  1. I went to the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation in Pulaski County with my son a few weeks ago, and it rained on every day save two. First time I’d been to Scout camp in 25 years.

    I’d forgotten (or perhaps blocked out) how vile a Boy Scout latrine can be.

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