Kid Rock-Genius; Skynyrd-Unforgetable; Zevon-Otherwordly

Is the above a provocative statement?  Perhaps.

But first, check out his latest effort:

And tell me the artist who could seemlessly sample and insert the primary riff from both “Werewolves of London” and “Sweet Home Alabama” into a single song.

Go on…I’ll wait.

Yep, not a lot.

Why does this song get my attention?

These songs it samples bookended my high school years.  I can remember riding my bike to football practice listening to Sweet Home Alabama in the fall of 1974,  and catching “Werewolves of London” in 1978 as I headed off to college.

Of course, they were both taken from us too soon.  Skynyrd went down in a plane crash, but not before they gave us the classic Street Survivors

We lost Warren to cancer in the fall of 2003, but not before he saw the birth of his grandchild and giving us this last performance on Letterman on October 30, 2002.

God bless them all…and thank you Kid!

OH, and as Warren said to Letterman, “Enjoy every sandwich”!


One thought on “Kid Rock-Genius; Skynyrd-Unforgetable; Zevon-Otherwordly

  1. I’m a huge Skynyrd/38Special/Johnny Van Zant/Outlaws/Blackfoot, etc. fan…. but where Skynryd got it wrong was by saying it was a waste of money going to the moon… I like Kid Rock’s first album, but his message is just party… nice message when you’re the freakin millionaire….

    This shows that just wanting to party, and never be productive will really get you….nowhere! Government likes you dumb, unmotivated, on drugs, and generally stupid….and apparently voting Obama….

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