Please Help Me Break the Law!

Trips to the beach mean visits to the local Wings, waves, Eagles, Victory’s, or other souvenir shop.  Yesterday afternoon began no differently for me…go to the Wings store down the street and buy a shirt for Dad. 

I went for a shirt…what I got to see made me ask what is wrong with people and when did they get so stupid?

Wings at Main Street and Ocean Drive is like lots of places in the Myrtle Beach area…you can get souvenir’s of many types, plus your basic piercings and tatoos.  I was not in the market for the same, but not so other folks.

A middle aged lady (and her middle aged sister) wanted to make provisions for some type of surprise body piercing for her daughter who will turn 16 this saturday.  You know, a gift.

The gentleman behind the counter noted that the store could not under South Carolina law do a piercing until the girl turned 16, and then needed certain documentation since the girl was a minor.

The fact that they were from out of town and that they were leaving Saturday made no difference.  Then the mother said “Could you recommend someone who is more lenient than you?”

His reply, “Do you want your daughter to be safe?  Then no.”

You may think this a minor thing…but I couldn’t help but think the reaction if she had approached him to sell her drugs, or firearms, or some other illegal act.

Essentially, her question was “Could you recommend someone willing to break the law.”

Given the number of tatoos andpiercings the two ladies had, you might think they had some experience in these things.

Dang, how stupid people can be.


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