McCain: Covenant with America

Watched John McCain last night, and as I thought the speech focused more on him and what he envisioned than did Governor Palin. In fact, after hearing him say and say again he truly came to love this country and what it stands for while he was a guest at the “Hanoi Hilton”, I came away from it thinking that the speech should be called his “Covenant with America”.  As he spoke of his service and his trials and travails, I halfway expected him to quote 2nd Timothy and say “I have kept the faith.”

This speech is similar to all the other candidate convention speeches in that if you are for Senator McCain you will think it good to great; if you oppose him you will find numerous flaws.

Mark Shields demurred after hearing other talking heads describe it as a “great speech”. Shields suggested it was good to very good, but not great because McCain is not comfortable talking about himself. McCain suggested his 1996 convention speech for Bob Dole and other speeches he has made on behalf of others were much better.

On a different front, why do the nut jobs of the Democratic Party feel it necessary to interrupt candidate speeches at the conventions? It appeared to me that the same whacko who was yelling at Palin on Wednesday got back in for McCain…so you have to give her ingenuity points. Protest outside if you want, but how does it really help anything except your ego to interrupt speeches?

A solid speech, a good speech, and perhaps a good counterpoint to the energy overload following the Palin nomination…but not one that will ring down through the ages.


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