Scummy Reasoning Outed at NLS

I typically don’t follow the really screwy comments of our elected officials in Northern Virginia, but sometimes they are just so off the wall you have to take notice.

NLS reports that Virginia state Delegate David Englin loosed the following Twitter comment:

“My wife is so smart. If you run on your family, your family is fair game. Period.”

We will take passing notice that Delegate Englin won’t just make this claim himself…instead he just endorses something his wife said.  Chivalry, indeed.

But at what point was Governor Palin running on her family? It is just a fact of her life that she has a family. I don’t doubt there may have been a small comment by her or someone supporting her that she has multi-tasked, but that hardly rises to the level of “running on her family’.

Running on anything means she is saying, “because I did this, I am qualified for the office I seek.” I don’t recall hearing her say because she was the mother of five she was qualified to hold high office. If she did, please send me the link.

Oh, and please don’t suggest that because she had her family in the box at the convention and on stage with her is “running on her family.” Major party nominees have had family members of all ages in attendance at conventions for years, and no one suggested they were “running on their families”…except in the rare instance-like GHW Bush-where his children were on his campaign staff.

Instead, the wild hair attempts to attack her family began. Someone gets the idea her son is actually her grandson…which then leads to the discovery that OMG Trig really is her son, but…OMG, her daughter is pregnant! Stop the presses! Three columns on the cover of the NY Times!

Then…the backlash begins, and Democrats like Englin start to look for a way out…so they conveniently create the story she is “running on her family”.

What hogwash.

Guys like Englin need to get right with reality. Putting out a candidate biography does not mean someone is “running on [their] family”. Saying something like “I have a beautiful family” does not mean one is “running on your family”.

Shoot-does this mean that because Delegate Englin is referencing his wife on a political matter she becomes fair game for political attack?  Hardly…but if you follow his logic, who knows?

Governor Palin is running on her record in office, her beliefs, and her experience. If you want to take a shot at her on those grounds, go ahead. But mentioning you have a family does not make them fair game. Ex post facto attempts at rationalizing attacking the family-and make no mistake, that is what has been going on-is simply wrongheaded.

But what can you expect? The MSM/ Left attempts to bull rush the Palin nomination and knock her out early are well documented-as is their obvious failure. US Weekly-owned by Jan Wenner (maxed out Obama contributor)-assumed she would be knocked out, and put a cover story attacking Palin for “Babies, Lies, and Scandals”. The result? As many as 10,000 subscribers have already canceled their subscriptions.

If Obama is serious about a more serious and discplined dialogue about the needs of this country, he needs to get back on his soapbox and again denounce those who would attack a candidate’s family when there is no connection extant-except being a relative.

Obama needs to say it, and sing out loud and clear…and if he does that maybe folks like Dave Englin-oh, excuse me, Dave Englin’s wife, because Dave never said it-might grow more civil.

We can only hope.


Update: Delegate Englin has since the original posting gone on to defend himself by saying “I’m saying if you run on what a great parent you are, etc., then don’t whine every time people mention your kids.”  Of coourse, he doesn’t say where it is that she said this or anything like this.

It is also suggested that NLS went after Englin because Englin is supporting a democratic Lt.Gov candidate who is backed by The Gov, an act tantamount to pure evil in Ben World.  Perhaps…but the reason for the attack doesn’t excuse Delegate Englin from his scummy take on what constitutes appropriate campaign tactics.


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