Note to JohnMcCain: Let the Big Dog Eat

Note to John McCain:

Dear John,

I hope this note finds you well.  I see your out of the box choice of Governor Palin as VP is giving you all you could have hoped for in your post convention bounce, even though the MSM has savaged her and her family.

Actually, though…it is the MSM I am writing about.

The Palin choice was brilliant politics.  It unites the base, puts a woman on the ticket to help cut the gender gap, and gives you an age counterpoint.  Other women could have gut the gender gap, but none would do the other things.  The choice kept your miraculous campaign afloat and vibrant.

There is a problem.  It is the 800 lb gorilla in the room.  Governor Palin does not have an extensive experience above the municipal level.  While the same can be said of Senator Obama, he has been out on the stump for more than two years and somewhere close to and perhaps more half of the citizenry is comfortable with the idea of him as president. 

You should note that comfort is not as the result of accomplishemnt, but because of rhetoric that folks have been exposed to.  Yes, it is primarily rhetoric in situations he constructed, but the comfort is no less real.

Governor Palin does not have that luxury.  The election is only 56 days away.  The time will come soon when the glow of the Twin Cities will fade and the MSM will begin yelling about your failure to let the VP nominee be interviewed outside of heavily controlled circumstances.  Sooner or later this will cause people to doubt if she can handle the job of president if the unthinkable happens, with an inevitable negative impact on your campaign.

It is time to cut her lose…or, in the words of so many drunken downstate Jaycees, time to “Let the Big Dog eat!”

I have never met Sarah Palin.  I like to think that you selected her not only because of the unmistakable political benefits she brings but also because you detected in her that something special that will allow her to shoulder great burdens.  I like to think that you selected her not only because of the political benefits but because she could capably serve as President.

Only tragedy would create circumstances to fully answer that question.  In the meantime all you can do is let her show in interview after interview with inquisitors friendly and hostile that she has the stuff to speak her mind, speak it well, and show she has the brights and knowledge to serve in the highest office in the land.

You have to let the Big Dog eat, and you have to do it soon.  If you don’t it will look like you are hiding something, it will look like the suggestions that she does not have The Right Stuff are true.  Make your run around the country, but after she interviews with Charlie Gibson send her out with a team that will get her where she needs to be to talk to the media and the voters, both singly and in groups, that she needs to talk to. 

It is a long, slow climb to the presidency.  You have overcome more obstacles than anyone can imagine.  Now it is time to drop into low gear for the final pull and send your VP out on the hustings on her own.  If she is all you think she is, she will be fine.  If not, better to find out now.

Go on, dude…cut her loose!  Let the Big Dog Eat!


2 thoughts on “Note to JohnMcCain: Let the Big Dog Eat

  1. Bwana:
    Well said and well written!!! I think she can handle herself and if she can’t then we as voters need to know that also. So I agree…”Let the Big dog Eat!!!”

    Take Care Bwana,

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