The “Stealthy Eleventh”?

Virginia is a commonwealth of great names, and sometimes those names are attached to things political-like congressional districts.

Back in the day, when the Jeffersonians were slugging it out with the Federalists, Thomas Jefferson had nickname for that part of Virginia beyond the Blue Ridge.  Jefferson read that in Roman armies a legion-one out of ten- would be held back as reserve to be sent in at the critical moment.  Since the western vote came in late-and typically provided the Jeffersonians with their margin of victory-Jefferson called western Virgninia his Tenth Legion.  If fact, there is a small town on Va. 42 in (I believe) Rockingham County that bears that same name.

The Great Southwest, the Mountain Empire, has long had the nickname “The Fighting Ninth”, which is attributed to (a) the feud tradition, or (b) the fact that it was long one of the few areas in Virginia where the GOP was competitive.

For many years, up until the 1990 Democratic redistricting, the Seventh Congressional District ran from Winchester down to Charlottesville, over to Goochland/Louisa, and then back up including parts of Prince Williams and the Cities in the 1980’s.  It was a GOP stronghold, and was nicknamed “The Lucky Seventh” by the GOP.

I am beginning to think my congressional district, Va-11, should be called “The Stealthy Eleventh”.  I say that because “stealth” seems to be a major criteria this year.

Progressive powerhouse AIAW believes Fimian is accepting funds from folks whose views are out of step with Va-11, suggesting he is engaging in misleading behavior because he has not addressed funds coming from conservative Catholic organizations.

The Mason Conservative takes on Chair Ger because of his attacks against Fimian, and suggests he is hiding behind the attacks of others because, to quote a certain cinematic marine, “he has no honor, he has no code”. TMC goes on:

The fact that he will hide behind the DCCC smears, he will duck debates, and generally spend most of the time under his desk praying people don’t realize that the county has no money and nowhere to get more money, that illegal aliens are flooding into the country from Prince William, and any of a litany of other problems the county faces while he smiles and just shrugs, “we’re the richest county.”

So while AIAW smacks Fimina for stealth for not being forthcoming about supporters, and TMC smacks ChairGer because he won’t fess up about his real record as BOS Chair, I cannot help but notice that while I see a good number of Fimian yard and road signs, and at least two different television commercials, I have seen one Connolly yard sign and one Connolly bumper sticker…which leads me to the question…

Where is Gerry?

So much stealth, so much camoflauge.  I truly with LB3 won the primary, because had she done so the Va-11 campaign would be the loudest and wildest between the Susquehanna and the Neuse River basin.  It almost makes one long for the hooting and hollering of Chap! v. JMDD.

Instead, we have quiet stealthy candidates offering degrees of stealth.  So until these guys man up, mount up, and get going, I have two suggestions:

1. The election should be decided not at the ballot box but in a public display.  Chainsaws and position papers at 10 feet.  Whoever can cut the other guys stuff to the smallest pieces in this one hour “debate” wins the election.

2. Until these folks prove to be a little more voluble, Va-11 should be known as the “Stealthy Eleventh”…or until the next time LB3 gets on the ballot.


4 thoughts on “The “Stealthy Eleventh”?

  1. Bwana:
    I must agree with your comment on “Where is Ger?” he should be running the type of campaign that he ran for relection and say the problems are not real…and you need to vote for me because I said they are not real, etc….
    He is essentially ignoring Fimian (and the last poll I saw, he probably can afford to)but Keith isn’t exactly lighting up the place either which tends to speak to his political naivete’. You are correct one of these guys needs to “man-up” and come out swinging or the entire election season will completely overshadow the open congressional seat and will a distant memory before 11/4.
    take care Bwana,

  2. Connolly is running as the heavy favorite and the pseudo incumbent, I can understand his unwillingness to engage Fimian. I am surprised that Fimian has not shot a few across the bow in an effort to get Gerry to enage.

    I agree with you absolutely on the longing for the days of Chap and JMDD, and also that Leslie’s presence in this race would have made it a barn burner.

  3. My thought is not so much that Connolly has not engaged, but that he is almost completely invisible. Surely staying out of the public eye will not help him come November.

  4. Bwana:
    Why break a sweat when you don’t have to! Gerry’s polling in the mid 60’s, Fimian isn’t firing up about ducking debates or anything else…actually if I was running the Fimian campaign (and I am not) that would be a great spot..Where is Ger??? So all Gerry has to do now is be seen and be nice to everyone and he walks into his first term in the US Congress. If you think about it, it is pretty pathetic that we have an open congressional seat and nothing is really going on. Will Chair Ger be a decent Congressman for the 11th? Only time and history will tell, but for Fimian not to be even challenging or making some kind of noise is the sad and disappointing element in this. I will say the very first time I met Mr. Fimian, I thought..”Oh my god, we’re in trouble!”
    thank you Bwana,

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