WaPo Bias Shows Again…

You have to hand it to the Washington Post. Their lefty bias is clear and documented. While it is no longer so pronounced as to warrant the old “Pravda on the Potomac” moniker, their current more subtle manner of pushing their agenda also reflects their recognition of the ever growing importance of the electronic media.

Example: if you go to page A-14 in today’s (9.12.2008) print edition, you will find the Letter to the Editors section. Read the page, and you will find two letters that address the current lipstick/pig contretemps.

Letter One takes issue with a suggestion of Richard Cohen’s saying that Obama should fight back more vigorously. The writer argues that Obama is behaving as true leader and his campaign technique is similar to Muhammad Ali’s boxing style.

Letter Two suggests that the GOP tactics are exactly what Obama did to Hillary Clinton, taking comments out of context and assigning a new and inaccurate message to them. The writer states that Obama is nothing more than hoist by his own petard, and Karma has come calling.

Now, out to the Internet. If you go here to the Feedback section and check the electronic Letters to the Editor, you will see only one of these letters made it on.

Can you guess which one made the cut?

I thought you would!


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