“Assistant Principle”

The story you are about to hear is true.  The names have been omitted to protect those desperately in need of protection.

Last Friday we received a letter.  It was from the Assistant Principal at the elementary school WMD #2 attends.

The letter described the schedules for the upcoming standardized testing for second graders that start the process to determine who will move into the Fairfax Public Schools Gifted and Talented program.

I read the letter, and was about to put it away when something caught my eye.

The author of the letter closed the letter by listing their title at this elementary school.  This individual is the Assistant Principal.  However, in this letter that went out to all the homes with a second grader at said not to be identified school, this individual identified himself as the…

Assistant Principle

Yep, you read it right..the Assistant Principal, new to the school and presumably wanting to make a good impression, listed his position as the…

Assistant Principle

One would think one would (a) not rely on spell check for editing; (b) know the real title of the position you hold; and (c) double check letters going out to parents.

The really scary thought is: What if he did all these things, and still came up with the finished product that was sent out?

I am quite certain that at this moment my recently deceased father is sitting at the celestial cracker barrel complaining to Connie Kincheloe, Virginia Parks, and dear old Mrs. Arrington-all old time teachers in Manassas-about the quality of today’s education and today’s educators.


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