Olympia 2008-UPSET!

After years of knocking at the door wtih 3rd place finishes, and hearing how form could not overcome size in Vegas, Dexter Jackson took home the big prize and is the new Mr. Olympia.

While Cutler appeared to have the edge in early reports, judging had a lead for Jackson that could not be overcome.  Cutler reportedly dropped ten lbs over night-and indicator of how much excess water he was carrying.  It seems odd this happened this year because excess water on day one was almost his downfall last year.

Cutler came in second, followed by Phil Heath, Dennis Wolf, Toney Freeman, and Melvin Anthony, all who are automatic qualifiers for 2009.

Cutler is the first two and out champ in many years, with the typical process since 1982 is for a bodybuilder to establish himself and win for 6-8 years in a row.

Does this mean Olympia has entered a new era of competitiveness?  Cutler and the rest will be back.  Jackson, who had said this was his last Olympia, may reconsider.  Martinez and Kai Greene will likely be recovered from their injuries and be back on stage.

We shall see!


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