Come Back Online Too Conservative!

I have been blogging for three plus years, and have seen a lot of good blogs close up.

One of my favorites has long been TooConservative.  But for the last week a trip any visitor to their blog received an access denied type message.

I pinged the principals over there, and the Loudoun Insider got back to me.  Apparently their traffic has mucho exceeded their server capacity, and the server company shut them down.

LI was unsure where things stood, but was hopeful that Vince-the real TC-could work something out with the server company.

I hope so, too, because right now the sight is down…and they do such good work over there it will be a loss to the Virginia blogosphere if Too Conservative is not soon back up and running.

Anyway, that’s the story…


5 thoughts on “Come Back Online Too Conservative!

  1. Well, James…I suppose that is always a possibility. 😉

    But for now they are down due to the above detailed impasse…but hopefully they will be back, or migrate to a free blog site if need be.

  2. So that’s the story. I thought for some reason I was banned too. Unlike James, I never was before so it would have been a first.

    I’m glad it’s not me but I’m very sorry they are not up and running and I hope they come back on line. Meanwhile, thanks for clearing up the mystery.

  3. But on to more important things. Any predictions on this weekend’s H-SC/Bridgewater game? I’ll probably stick my head up to find out the score, but my weekend will otherwise be filled with final prep for my Supreme Court argument on Monday.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Bwana. I thought we’d be back up by now. JY, I would never ban you even though you often grate on my nerves. At least we’ve been agreeing more lately.

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