Odds against Palin…Waterloo or “Checkers”?

Tonight we will have a VP debate between Senator Biden and Governor Palin upon which more rides than perhaps any VP debate in history.  I know that at the pundit level the matter is decided.  Those that are for her will say whe did well, those who are against will say she stunk.  All those with a vested interest in the result will analyze in a way that favors their personal personal position.

But for the rest of the country, the folks who will actually elect the president, it will be a test to see if she is a one hit wonder who trips over her tongue or someone of unknown depth who will soar to unforseen heights.

I just wonder will the odds kick in…

You see, history leans against the GOP in these situations.  In 1976 Bob Dole cemented his hatchet man rep with his “Democratic Wars” attack against Walter Mondale, and in 1988 Lloyd Bentsen “Kennedy’d” Dan Quayle.  True, in 2000 Dick Cheney did better than expected against Joe Lieberman, but the truth is that Cheney by 2000 had been a three term Congressman, While House Chief of Staff, SecDef, and head of a major corporation.  The only thing going against him was his less than warm personality…which it seemed he could gin up with a grin as needed.

Governor Palin is on the short side of the polls and has not done well recently in interviews…but let’s not count her out quite yet.  She is a competitor, she is experienced with television, and she is a Hockey Mom.  Tonight could be her Waterloo, or it could be a resuscitating speech with an impact similar to Nixon’s Checker’s speech in 1952.

Tune in and find out!

Update: She done good, and certainly met and even exceeded expectations, but I doubt many minds were changed…


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