Federian Spin Zone is Alive and Well at RK

I come back after two weeks or so of computer issues and family stuff, and I am pleased to see that so much in the blogosphere has not changed…BVBL is still amped on immigration issues, NLS continues to love Twitter, Too Conservative is back, and RK is feverishly spinning for Judy Feder.

As paid staff for Ms. Feder, Lowell can do no less…but his most recent post shows how desperate she has become.

RK accuses Congressman Wolf of breaking a pledge to on negative campaigning-then fails to show when the pledge was made. Typically you back up assertions like this…but apparently things are now so bad the Federistas have decided to make things up and claim them as fact.

Then there is that negative thing…if you quote someone’s record, how can that be negative? Ms. Feder as part of congressional testimony said “Please, raise my taxes”. This is the position of someone who is going to cut taxes? She was a prime architect of the failed Hillary Clinton health plan-something she somehow fails to mention on the campaign trail.

So, if quoting someone’s record is “going negative”, then how is it that the Federistas can justify the last month of so of cable tv ads they have run that are-using their apparent definition-negative attacks?

The RK folks would have you believe that this is desperation borne out of Feder pulling even in fundraising…but even there they are spinning. What they aren’s telling you is that at the last report Feder has 650K cash on hand…while Frank Wolf tops a million as they head into the most critical part of the campaign. Part of raising big money is effective spending, and it would seem that the Wolf campaign is right where they want to be.

Oh, and the last contributions, the 48 hour notice sort of things? Wolf 31K, Feder 16K.

Ms. Feder’s staff is failing to defend her record, way behind in cash on hand, asserting claims made by her opponent without offering verification…are these the tactics of a campaign that is pleased with where it stands two weeks out from election day?

You can draw your own conclusion.


6 thoughts on “Federian Spin Zone is Alive and Well at RK

  1. Frank Wolf pledged no negative campaigning at the Prince William debate less than a week ago. It’s online for everyone to see.

    Moreover, Judy didn’t say “please, raise my taxes” she actually said “please, tax me now.”

    Regardless, the only one in this campaign advocating for a tax increase is Congressman Wolf: He supports John McCain’s health care tax.

    Oh, and Judy outraised Frank by $170,000 this quarter, and she’s one of the top ten best funded challengers in the country.

    At least be honest….

    Frank Wolf is airing negative ads, dropping negative mail and completely distorting Feder’s record. Dan Scandling has also resorted to flat out lying about Judy’s fundraising, the most recent whopper waas that Judy had supposedly only raised $10,000 more than she did in 2006. The truth is that Judy has already raised over $150k more than she did in 2006.

    So I throw the question back at you: are these the tactics of a campaign that is pleased with where it stands two weeks out from election day?

  2. Well, WS, I don’t see where I wasn’t honest. I wrote in reference to the RK article and his talkd of catching up. I noted-accurately-that not only has she not caught up to him, but that she is over 350K behind him in cash on hand.

    Since I don’t follow Dan Scandling’s comments nearly as closely as you do, and don’t know the time or context of his statement, I really have no response…nor do I have control over him.

    As far as negative campaigning goes, I had no idea that examining someone’s record constituted negative campaigning. I don’t think anyone can reasonably say examining an opponent’s record, public utterances and such is negative campaigning. If it were, at least half of Barack Obama’s campaign advertisements would have to be categorized as being negative.

    But if you want to hold to that definition, then Ms. Feder went negative in June 2006 and has kept it up ever since…including her cable television advertisements throughout the fall. It is not reasonable that the Federistas are demanding a double standard in what constitutes “negative advertising”. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    Strangely, I don’t see the ultimate difference between “please raise my taxes” and “tax me now”…which in my book constitutes the same thing.

    Let’s see…examining the opponents record, making the case for themself, and not backing down when the other side makes spurious charges-yep, that is exactly what good campaigns do this time of a campaign.

  3. Agreed, Feder is making negative attacks. But it’s Wolf who prides himself on being above the fray, not engaging in negative political parisan attacks. The bahavior by both campaigns is the same, they’re launching negative attacks on the record of their opponent. Thus far, it’s only the Wolf campaign who is running an ad accusing their opponent of negative attacks.

    The Wolf campaign hasn’t come up with a single negative attack launched by the Feder campaign. They’re just running ads saying she’s attacked them. It’s a typical washington poltiical trick.

    My only point is that Wolf claims to be above it….clearly he isn’t.

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  5. They are both making negative attacks if you accept the RK definition of negative…actually, that isn’t right, the RK definition of negative seems to be “the Republican cannot examine the Democrats record-that and only that is negative”.

    But given the definition of negative that so many seem to be using you don’t have to look far to come up with Ms. Feder’s negative attacks. She has attacked Congressman Wolf for his seniority in Congress, used visuals to imply he is too old for the job, and cherry picked his record. Yeah, given the common definition she has been going negative from June 2006 up to last night’s television advertisements.

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