More Bad News for Ms. Feder…

While I am getting trounced over on RK for suggesting todays Mark Fisher WaPo piece was not as bad as suggested, the Federistas found themselves on the outside looking in for the lastest round of DCCC spending.  Perhaps that is why I caught so much vitriol…

TooConservative noticed it first-kudos to the re-energized blog! A quick run to the Swing State Project shows the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) reports distributing 12.6 million to 51 races in their latest report. Of that 12.1 million, just over one million went to races in Virginia:

VA-02 Nye:  DCCC contribution-$356,692
VA-05 Perriello: DCCC contribution- DCCC $253,347
VA-11 Open: DCCC contribution-$402,344
Total: $1,012,383

Notice who is missing?


2 thoughts on “More Bad News for Ms. Feder…

  1. Bwana:
    Recent poll down at the beach has Thelma @ 56 % and Nye @ 38 %; folks in Danville tell me that while this is Virgil’s most serious challenge he has had in years, it is Virgil Goode that we are talking about…. most of the “boys” are gonna leave their stills and peanuts on election day and go vote for Virgil. Apparently, Mr. Fimian, through no impetus of his own, is running closer than Chair Ger would like, hence the negative attacks against Keith-I’m-not-a-politician-I’m-a-businessman Fimian. Chair Ger would be wise to realize that he has just as many enemies as he does friends in the 11th. Having said that Chair Ger will probably become Congressman Ger.
    Ms. “I’m fading fast” Feder, has run the most devisive campaign and has said the most scurulous lies and accusations, I have ever heard and maybe two times will be the charm for her, to go back to teaching and really teach, rather then pontificate.
    Anyway, Bwana, that is the way I see it and what I have heard from others around our beloved Commonwealth.
    Take care and hope you and yours are doing well,

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