Frank Wolf Endorsements Continue Unabated-2008

Two years ago Congressman Frank Wolf was endorsed by all the major newspapers in the Tenth District of Virginia in his contest with Judy Feder, as I noted here and here.

Two years later, so much is the same…

Congressman Wolf is still the incumbent; and
Judy Feder is still the challenger; and
The major newspaper endorsements in the District have again gone to Congressman Wolf.

These include:

Connection Newspaper chain

Loudoun Easterner

Loudoun Times-Mirror (as do the balance of the Times papers)

Potomac News

Sun Gazette Newspaper

Washington Post

Washington Times

Winchester Star

And, while not local, there is always:
Esquire Endorses America, where they wrote:

District 10

Frank Wolf (R) v. Judy Feder (D)

Reason. Intelligence. Faith in facts. Frank Wolf combines these qualities in a way that is as welcome as it is rare.
Esquire endorses: Wolf

Yep, I think that says it all…but to get the full breadth of the argument for reelecting Congressman Wolf, just check the endorsements-and you will also find some really interesting comments about Ms. Feder, too.


2 thoughts on “Frank Wolf Endorsements Continue Unabated-2008

  1. Bwana:
    Is anyone really surprised!. Frank Wolfe is a class act, always has been, always will be!! Good Luck to Congressman Wolf, his re-election may be the only thing worth cheering about on Tuesday!!
    Take care Bwana,


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