Federian Desparation, and other Late Election Ruminations

As we head toward the finish line, a few thoughts keep popping up.

First…Ah, the wild antics of a campaign that is in trouble, and the untroubled moral shadings their campaign enages. The Vern McKinley tried to drum up spurious charges in the spring primary, now Judy Feder does the same.

Our boys at Raising Kaine, wanting to relieve the glory of “Macaca”, reported that a Wolf staffer allegedly struck a Feder staffer getting footage of Congressman Wolf.  They even ran a couple of recorded clips of the incident.  Of course, they omitted the taping by a third party that showed the Feder staffers (who when asked never identified themselves as being with the Feder campaign) as a couple of SAWB’s out to try to create an issue for Ms. Feder.

The feeble attempt doesn’t seem to have taken, and even the RK folks are now predicting a solid Frank Wolf reelection.  Bwana, who predicted in September that the Feder campaign was getting desparate and would try something to shake things up in the face of the dimished resources, basks in the spotlight of being right.

By the same token, I don’t know this race is over…it depends on the Obama wave.  However, I doubt the voters of Va-10 will throw away 28 years of seniority in Congress for a freshman who will be buried under a wave of incoming members.

Next-the monday morning quarterbacking of folks who claim that had Senator McCain taken someone other than Sarah Palin as VP he might have been able to win.  The two word answer to that claim, uttered with the jaundiced insouciance of a high school junior, is “Ye-ah, right”.

The topography of this campaign has been counter to the GOP ticket for months, not to mention that in the last fifty years only once has either major party has been able to hold the White House for more than two consecutive terms.  Summer of 2008 saw the GOP with a de-motivated base, no excitement, no way to remotely appeal to women.  Governor Palin provided that opportunity.  A Romney or Pawlenty or Crist choice would not have excited the convention, and Huckabee had gone off the rails with his unusual economic views.  Losing big or small is still losing, so McCain seized the chance to win rather than acquiesce to defeat.

Next in line, campaigning at a funeral, is Gerry Connolly-how much more slimy can one person be?  Mason Conservative’s characterization of him as “D-Barely Human” is right on the nose.  When Connolly’s base personality begins to show itself in Congress, it is going to be interesting to see how folks who have trumpeted him as so superior to Keith Fimian react and distance themselves…I also wonder how easy it is going to be for Sharon Bulova to run from the budget deficits Connolly failed to address in order to enhance his candidacy.

It could be amusing, though, to have him on the Hill.  Then the integrity/taste-impaired Connolly can join the Anger Management/loose tongue-impaired Jim Moran.  The next time you hear Democrats talk about how it is not just how you vote but how you conduct yourself, point them toward those two.

Virgil Goode…dang, if he survives the day the fifth district GOP either needs to send him out on a major fence mending tour OR start looking for a new candidate for 2010.

On the subject of Obama and socialism and liberal legislation and all that, what worries me even more than all that stuff is the idea of Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff…because Emanuel is very good at what he does, and I bet a lot of Obama legislation (regardless of quality) will go through because Emanuel will ensure there is a first class White House lobby effort on capital hill from the get-go.

This has been an historic election season, likely with more to come.  So have a great day, and GO VOTE!


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