Terry McAuliffe announces Plans to Buy Nomination and Raise Taxes

Yesterday Terry McAuliffe filed paperwork to run for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Virginia in 2009.

Apparently the spending of large amounts of his personal fortune and then taxing Virginians are high on his to-do list.

As the WaPo noted, despite having few supporters in Virginia compared to his chief opposition for the nod, McAuliffe has the big wallet:

But neither Deeds nor Moran has a big statewide following, and McAuliffe has been telling Democrats he believes he can win the June primary by overpowering Deeds and Moran with paid advertisements.

And the main reason McAuliffe thinks Democrats will come to him? In addition to being a savvy businessman:

McAuliffe also says he would be the strongest nominee because he could help finance the entire Democratic ticket.

Paid advertising and financing the ticket? Make him Spend it All!

Oh, and once in office?:

“I don’t think Richmond is working for people anymore,” McAuliffe said. “I think sometimes Richmond, especially the House of Delegates, thinks too small. . . . Richmond is not doing what needs to be done, forward thinking, big bold ideas. If I decide to [run], I will be all about big, bold ideas.”

And we know what comes right after the announcement of big, bold ideas, don’t we? Typically the bill for what those big, bold ideas will be…except that is a tab that won’t be paid out of Mr. McAuliffe’s wallet…it will be from ours.

Too bad Mr. McAuliffe has decided that the best way to boost his intra party credentials after the Hillary loss is foist himself on the voters of Virginia. I only hope he spends all that advertising and campaign money on consultants and companies from Virginia, and not from his normal haunts of NYC and California.


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