I’m Shocked, Shocked to Discover Bias at the WaPo!!

Washington Post Ombudsman Deborah Howell recently noted-or perhaps conceded is a better word-that there is a perception of liberal bias at the WaPo, then goes on to note instances of it, and talks of how a balance must be achieved.

Reminds me of Major Renault in Casablanca, announcing he was “shocked, shocked to find there is gambling going on here” just before he closes Rick’s American Cafe and pockets his winnings from the roulette table.

Ms. Howell goes on to say that same strong conservative voice that is found on the WaPo opinion page must be represented in reporting.

Oh, yeah…that will happen about the same time as the Jubilee…

Two things…

First, when Ms. Howell notes the strong conservative voices on the opinion page, she opts to ignore that by WaPo choice for every strong conservative voice there are 2-3 strong liberal voices, meaning there is no balance even where she attempts to claim balance.

Second, the substance of her comments is only a short step away from the rationalizations she employed two years ago in the Allen-Webb senate race.

The WaPo has long carried the rap “Pravda on the Potomac” for its overwhelming liberal bent, and it is time for Ms Howell to admit the WaPo, in the face of declining readership due to its coverage and competing news sources, is going to refuse to offer balanced coverage. The WaPo will print charges attacking conservatives in articles on page one and print the refutation of those charges somewhere around page A11, and then whine after the fact that it is not the print version of Fox News.

Ms. Howell would be far more intellectually honest to simply admit the bias, and note that the WaPo philosophy and attitude toward balance and those who have voiced concerned is a paraphrase of the words of the hapless Ugarte, who when challenged by Rick, says:

“What right do I have to think, huh?”

Substitute “you” for “I” and you sum up the WaPo view toward its readers concerns…


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