Tom Davis for RPV Chairman

Today’s WaPo reports that Tom Davis, soon to be not be US Representative from Va-11, has accepted a director position at Deloitte, Touche overseeing its Washington operations, but not lobbying.

He will have other activities going on, but one I suggest and hope he will consider is the position of Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Yeah, I know…lots of reasons he wouldn’t do it. But bear with me…

This is a guy who never lost an election, knows political strategy and political geography with the same thoroughness that Bill James has toward baseball statistics. He has the NoVa savvy to bring the GOP back to competitiveness in areas where the GOP has taken some real hits recently. Moreover, as far as his ambitions go, if he still wants to run for the Senate it gives him the reason and rationale to be downstate, making contacts and building bridges in an area where he has few.

There are drawbacks. Davis chose not to run for reelection, and probably annoyed folks that after RPV nailed in him in the convention/primary vote, he wasn’t out busting his hump for Gilmore.

But after the days of Chairman Jeff and Brother John Hager, the RPV needs someone who both knows how to win more than a delegate seat (a seat that is not real steady in any case), and has shown an ability to conduct political operations across a wide scale.

You heard it here first (and maybe last)…

Tom Davis for RPV Chairman.


3 thoughts on “Tom Davis for RPV Chairman

  1. great idea. Not sure how we could attract that kind of quality to that job, especially after Hager’s experience.

  2. Bwana:
    Hey me three! Chairman “Shave-tail” needs to go along with his minions on State Central. Tom would do an excellant job and could bring our Party back in away no other could. the two prior responses are also correct in that until the State Central committee changes, the Virginia GOP is in for a rough ride. Hey the people who showed up to the May 08 Convention wanted change, well change is what you got, but it isn’t a good thing for us. Jeff Frederick is the problem and not the solution.


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