Raising Kaine Goes Dark; GOP still in the Dark

The Virginia GOP has received a New Years Gift…the Democratic blog Raising Kaine will go dark at the end of this year.

This development fits nicely with a piece I am drafting, but please compare the accolades being festooned on RK with the ongoing squabbles about new media, Chairman Jeff, and the Hampton Roads GOP blog that was kicked off by a post at Bearing Drift.

Maybe, just maybe, someone at RPV might want to sit back and consider that-aside from planning the communications strategy just a little bit-they might want to find a strategy that not only takes advantage of all media tools but is inclusive.

RK was on the cutting edge of getting folks involved and in the game by using a new media tool that not only could spread information but allow folks to respond and feel part of the team. Jeff Fredrick seems to be crafting a strategy that is insular, elitist, and not really geared toward getting folks involved.

I will offer some thoughts on RK and the Virginia blogosphere at a later date…but in the meantime Chairman Jeff should, if he is serious about creating a winning atmosphere, go back and read RK over time and get a feel for how you fire people up and get them involved…because he sure ain’t got the hang of it yet.


One thought on “Raising Kaine Goes Dark; GOP still in the Dark

  1. Hello Bwana:
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Chair Jeff is THE PROBLEM and is NOT THE SOLUTION!! Every time the “boy” opens his immature, pipsqueak mouth he proves me right and I can knowingly hold my head high and say that I voted for John Hager and my conscience is clear. Good Luck and I wish you and the SWMBO & the WMD’s a Happy Thanksgiving.


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