Obama and Clinton-the Best of Both Worlds…

Now I know the “Team of Rivals” concept is given great traction these days, but when Lincoln did it he gave cabinet seats to men who opposed him for the nomination.

Obama seems to take a different tact.   To date he has or is seemingly been ready to put Hillary Clinton or former Clinton folks in his cabinet at:

Secretary of State
CIA Director
Commerce Secretary
Attorney General

Even Rahm Emmanuel cut his teeth and made his DC political bones as a member of the Clinton administration.

Does it seem to anyone else that Hillary lost the battles but won the war?

I guess it is all a matter of perspective, or who you backed.  The Obama folks will likely call this something like “reaching across the aisle” or a big tent theory…while Clintonistas will stay silent while  figuring out how they are going to run the government.


One thought on “Obama and Clinton-the Best of Both Worlds…

  1. Well, you can kiss the Commerce Secretary one goodbye . . . for now!

    I was wondering how Obama would ever be able to fire Hillary. Now it’s obvious that Obama will be unable to fire a lot of people in his cabinet! Easy for a conspiracy-minded person to point to a set up, yes?

    If this country goes to hell in a handbasket under Obama, at least we will have the amusement of watching the Democrats tear each other apart. I can see Hillary now: “I tried to tell him but he just wouldn’t listen!”

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