A Man in Need of Interview Training?

Steve Spagnuolo is the Defensive Coordinator for the New York Football Giants.  He trained with Jim Johnson in Philly, and made his mark when he got his own coordinator gig.  His defense played no small part in taking the Giants to an unexpected Super Bowl win in 2008.  The work continues this year, with the Giants winning the NFC East and hoping to repeat as World Champs.

In the wake of last year’s win, Spags was a hot coaching property but decided to stay in NY with a new $2 million contract.

This year is different.  He apparently is actively seeking a head coaching position…but apparently cannot interview.  In the bye week he interviewed with both the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos.  In the wake of these meetings there are stories out that in both cases he did not ace the interview and has been bypassed by others.

The sad thing for him is that he was available during the bye week because the Giants were not playing. Now Spagnuolo is potentially out of the interview running for three weeks-depending on how the Giants do. Of course, one of the things I imagine Spags likes about the current openings is that they are for AFC teams…which means he would seldom play against the Giants in the regular season. I couldn’t help but notice that he is not on the list of possible choices for the St. Louis Rams, an NFC team (and admittedly one with uncertain ownership).

It will be a pity if Spags misses his shot because some personnel genius’s out there were more concerned about the interview than the work product he has amassed.

Why do I note all this? He has done too dang good a job against the Redskins…send him somewhere else, fast!

UPDATE: Spags is going to St. Louis…only the lord knows who he ticked off to have to take that head coaching job.


2 thoughts on “A Man in Need of Interview Training?

  1. Bwana:
    You are dead one with this one!! Get him out of the NFC East!! Let him be a head coach for some team that could really use him.


  2. Bwana:
    I think he has time now, since the G-men choked against the Eagles. Probably will get very few, if any, offers now. Anyway, take care


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