Sharon Bulova and the “L” word

Sharon Bulova hopes to become the next Fairfax County BOS chair, but in a just world her her chances would be nil because of her clear association with the “L” word.

No, not that word…that’s associated with a television show.

I mean the “L” word that is associated with words like prevaricate, misrepresent, and fib.

Yeah, that one.

Why would I say such a thing?  Because she is clearly not telling the truth in her campaign literature, and she has not been truthful with her constituents or the county for some time.

The short term less than candid assertion is her claim to be a fiscal “watchdog”. As detailed at Mason Conservative, Ms. Bulova as chair of the budget committee has overseen policies that have put the county deeply in debt. She claims to have been a watchdog, but clearly she was actually a lapdog for Gerry Connolly’s ambition.

But that lapdog status is truly bestowed by her long time untruthfulness. It was clear in early 2008 that Fairfax County was looking at long term budget problems, due to population shifts, transportation needs, and even due to financial impacts caused by illegal immigration problems. However, the BOS democratic majority passed a budget that ran through November 2008 that they claimed was balanced. Perhaps “precarious” is a better term, as the budget balanced only if certain assumptions were allowed. As budget chair Sharon Bulova should have been a watchdog then and not allowed the Fairfax County budget to turn into a political campaign document for Gerry Connolly.

I guess her ambition and eagerness to move up overshadowed her fiduciary duty and responsibilities to her constituents and the whole of Fairfax County.

Gerry Connolly was the worst kind of hack, and spent this county deep into red ink to keep his dream of a congressional seat alive…and he was assisted each step of the way by his ally who hopes to succeed him.

Sharon Bulova lied to us in 2008, and she is lying to us now. While it’s heartwarming to know that Ms. Bulova was so willing to help her pal achieve his dream, she has by example and action proved herself unworthy and ill-prepared to lead the county in the trying years ahead.

You may not know Pat Herrity, or even wonder that he does not years of experience on the Board. Fair enough. But just as in 2008 the country chose the candidate of ideas who represented a new way and a departure from failed fiscal policies, in 2009 Fairfax County should do the same.

Ms. Bulova’s record of failing to do her job, of serving less as Braddock Supervisor and more as a Connolly campaign manager, of choosing the path of expediency over that of candor and honesty, more than shows her incapable of adequately filling the position she wants us to promote her to.

Do what’s right for the county, and reject the idea that partisan hackery is the sole qualification for promotion to the highest elected position in our county government.

On February 3, vote Pat Herrity for Fairfax County BOS Chairman.


2 thoughts on “Sharon Bulova and the “L” word

  1. Bwana:
    Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel!!! Having said that, all I will add is that I agree with Loudoun Insider. Take Care,


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