Sharon Bulova and the “D” word

Is Sharon Bulova, Democrat, already proudly wearing the letter “L” as part of the price for supporting Gerry Connolly, surrounded by supporters who seem eager to hang a new letter around her neck?

Because the acts and commentary of those around her seem to be pointing toward the letter “d” for “desperate


Congressman Gerry Connolly, who seems to have no more idea of how to properly comport himself as a Congressman than he did while Chairman of the Fairfax BOS, decides it is a good idea to publicly talk about suppressing voter turnout in the special election on February 3, 2009.

So much for the Obama inspired “post-partisan” attitude.

Connolly has never gotten over the idea that he is supposed to be a leader, not a hack.  I imagine he knows he will never be the former, and reverts naturally to his preferred environment.  But for a democratic official elected to high office to think that a democratic candidate running in what has been a heavily democratic area is at risk shows all is not well in the high councils of the Democratic Party in Fairfax.

Were the comments meant to be funny? Sure…but it is telling at so many levels that Connolly finds it better to joke about voter suppression than to talk about actual accomplishments rather than a general “keep a good thing going”. Of course, when you and your administration have created a massive deficit I reckon it is difficult to run on your real record.

Then there is a run of comments at Too Conservative, where pro-Bulova commenters suggest that:

1. There is no point to being board chairman unless you have a majority behind you
2. The board chair has no more power than any other supervisor
3. Herrity is not a team player, how can he lead?

Of course, this disingenuous string of arguments overlooks the obvious fact that the Board Chair, as the elected leader of the county, has the bully pulpit from which to lead and direct public debate, an in doing so create a new majority. As far as supervisor “power”, if that is really the case why is Bulova trying to move up? Herrity is cited as not being a team player for not going along on certain issues, but after years of Sharon Bulova being a good team player and drafting on Gerry Connolly’s political ambition maybe what we need as BOS Chair is someone who is willing to perhaps go it alone and not blindly follow past policies.

Sharon Bulova has not only not played the county false in the past, her supporters are now concerned to the point of desparation that the rest of the county is waking up to the fact that the BOS has governed by a uniquely Connolly-esque “pay to play” theory…we pay so Gerry and his minions can play.

Yep, hang that scarlet “D” around her neck…

Of course, if you ask Ms. Bulova about this I am sure she will deny that she or her campaign is desperate…in which case refer to my previous assessment that she is already wearing the letter “L”.

Then, speaking of the letter “L”, remember to ask her how in 2007 (while chair of the Budget Committee) she and Connolly went from telling the county throughout the fall campaign that County was in great financial shape, then suddenly as soon as the election was over they discovered a $220 million shortfall

Tell me, Sharon, was this misfeasance or malfeasance?

Maybe the tea leaves are pointing toward a new direction in Washington and in Fairfax County.

Vote for Pat Herrity for Fairfax Country BOS Chair on February 3, 2009.


2 thoughts on “Sharon Bulova and the “D” word

  1. Bwana:
    You are 100% dead on with this one!! Why after almost 16 years that the Democrats ahve controlled the board, that they have failed miserably in getting a handle on the biggest and most important budget item, Education. I realize we citizens,as a matter of policy through election of the BOS over the last 30 years, decided to create and maintain a excellent k – 12 public school system for all children to attend. However, the BOS has failed to say to the Schools, to reign in unnecessary spending and therefore has given every increase to the schools and shortchanging other County services. Most of the increases being the Superintendent’s salary.
    We need a Chairman to stand up to that as well (I know, easier said than done) but we need a leader in the County government who will look out for the majority of the people who pay the county bills. We haven’t had someone on that Fairfax County Board of Supervisors since Tom Davis.
    Thank you Bwana, I’ll get off my soapbox now.


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