Where’s Howard Dean, and Why Is He a Pirahana?

Since 2004, the Democrats have taken majority status in both houses of the US Congress and also elected a president-the first african-american in US history to hold that office.

This surge across the country, this breakout from the engraved map lines of 2000 and 2004, was done in no small part due to the work of Howard Dean as Democratic National Committee Chairman. 

Dean rose from the canvas of his 2004 loss of the Democratic nomination to John Kerry, took office as head of the DNC, and was point man for a fifty state strategy that was at odds with the red state/blue state construct, and paved the way to significant democratic wins and improved candidate showings even in a loss.

So where is the architect of this change, the man who with internet fundraising and a fifty state strategy changed the ball game and the electoral topography?

I don’t know.

After four years Dean indicated he did not want to serve another term as DNC chair, so he isn’t there.  He isn’t in the Obama cabinet, and apparently he was not even invited to attend the announcement that The Guv will be filling his office.

Now I know a few democrats read this blog, and I would appreciate someone giving me the skinny as to what Howard Dean did to deserve being treated like a leper by the very folks who he helped elevate to higher office. 

Enter it in the comments, or email me at renaissanceruminations@hotmail.com

Seriously, I would like to know.  Because while personality will often trump competence, typically results trump all.


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