More Reasons to Vote Herrity, and Demo Chutzpah in Braddock

The Jefferson Institute today released a summary of previous analysis showing how the current BOS, which as Mr. Surovell of the FCDC has told us is “presided” over by Sharon Bulova, exacerbated the current financial crisis and ballooned the deficit with spending that is grossly outpacing income. Comparing the positions taken by the Democratic majority and compare them with Mr. Herrity’s suggestions for economies and better management of county funds, the study amply shows that no matter what Ms. Bulova and the majority bloc say they have been concerned with, they have not been careful and faithful stewards of county funds. This analysis suggests that Ms. Bulova’s highly touted experience is really not what we need to move out of the financial morass we find ourselves in. In other words:


In other news, my dear SWMBO just called me to say she had voted, lines were short, and oh, btw, Ilryong Moon, At-large member of the FCPS board-you know, the same school board that has delivered us 900 trailers, declining levels of teacher salaries, but still wants $130 million bucks for a new building-is already campaigning for Supervisor in the special election that will follow this special election.

Of course, that election will happen in the district of the winner in today’s special election.

Now I have been around politics and politicians and political wannabes for years, and I have known folks whose ambitions depended on the possiblity of a special following a general or another special election. I, remember helping to plan a possible candidacy for the Virginia Senate of a lawyer from Harrisonburg…if Nathan Miller won the 1981 General Election for Lt. Governor. I also remember that no detailed discussion outside our group was allowed unless and until Nathan won.

Apparently Mr. Moon is thinking like that bully school child, who thinks by virtue of physical size or outrageous self esteem they can cut in line rather than wait for the normal processes to work.

Given that this literature was handed out at the Burke Center precinct, I have to assume that Mr. Moon really thinks Ms. Bulova will win today and that he lives in Braddock precinct. I, for one, would love to have candidates that allowed the democratic process to work before flying their ambition flag at full staff.

Chutzpah at work…and if Karma has any say in it, I doubt this is will help Ms. Bulova. Folks typically like things to be done in an orderly process, and they don’t like folks who cut in line-no matter the activity.


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