Sharon Bulova Should Send Brian Moran Canary Yellow Roses

The special election is done and Sharon Bulova has narrowly defeated Pat Herrity.

In her first act as Chairman elect, Ms. Bulova should send a bouquet of roses to Brian Moran.

Why?  Because had he not resigned,  there would not have been a special election in Alexandria, where the GOP almost grabbed a seat from the overconfident Dems.

I suspect that narrow victory served as a wake-up call for this campaign, sort of the canary in the coal mine that this race was losable.

The roses, of course, will be canary yellow.

Good Luck to Chairman Bulova.  It will be interesting to see how she is able to govern between now and the next BOS election without saying “no”.


3 thoughts on “Sharon Bulova Should Send Brian Moran Canary Yellow Roses

  1. Very interesting thoughts. I wonder if strategically it would have been better to have let that race go? Or would then the GOP base not have been so fired up without the near miss? After the fact speculation can be a fun exercise!

  2. Bwana:
    I wish Ms. Bulova the best in her term. Personally, she is a nice lady and in many repsects is easier to get along with than her predecessor. My personal impression of her over the years is that she is a good number 2, but not a number 1. She is not the person to be out front of anything and therefore is in for a hard road these next two years trying to steer the county government through what will be difficult times. Unfortunately, we need a leader and an innovator and to date she has not shown these skills. I wish her well and for all of our sakes, hope she finds her way.


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