NY Governor needs a Keen Grasp of the Obvious

In the wake of a second parody, Democratic Gov. David Paterson is unhappy because he thinks the long time comedy show Saturday Night Live is insensitive.

Point #1-Well, Duh!?  Just what rock has he been living under to suddenly come to this realization?

The legally blind governor, having been parodied as being bumbling, feels the programs “continued parodies hurt disabled people not in a position to fight back.”

Point #2-You mean like the governor of the second largest state in the nation, who merely by calling a press conference can have his every little grievance aired?  I don’t see where you fit the position of “powerless”, and I don’t recall SNL taking shots like this at private figures (note I said “figures”, not “citizens”).

Apparently Governor Paterson has not been watching SNL over time. They parody everyone’s behavior, and if you happen to be in position of political visibility…well…let’s just say that puts you in a target rich environment.

I do think it somewhat humorous that the parody of the governor is being done…by his constituents!

I think he would have done well to let this complaint slide…but take a look at the clip in the link above, and draw your own conclusions.


4 thoughts on “NY Governor needs a Keen Grasp of the Obvious

  1. Bwana:
    Good post. Your comments notwithstanding, I am in a civic group that believes helping the blind is a philanthropic and civic duty and I am proud that I can help in that cause. I think that overall America needs to get their collective “thumbs” out of its mouth and grow up and stop being offended at everything someone says.


  2. “The legally blind governor…”

    “Apparently Governor Paterson has not been watching SNL over time.”



  3. Yep, not the best word…even though legally blind means does not have full loss of sight, it means severely diminished. Nonetheless, as a lifelong New Yorker and elected official it is a bit much to think that Governor Paterson is unaware of SNL and the product it puts out. Mr. Paterson knows he is in a weak position to seek reelection, and is trying to shore it up.

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