It’s a Matter of Competence

The 4.4. RPV free-for-all is upon us, the chairmanship of Jeff Frederick is in the balance, and the RPV will soon show us if we need a new definition for April Fool.

I am not a voter in the matter of whether to remove the chairman.  If I were, I would vote to remove.

Some are framing this contest as an attempt to overturn the will of the “grassroots”.  Others say it is unfair to remove him after less than a year in office.  Still others say it is the “moderates” trying to bulldoze the “conservatives”.

Pollycock and piffle.

Chairman Jeff has failed by the definition he set when elected.  Frederick  won election in part because he blamed John Hager for the loss of the Virginia Senate to the Democrats in 2007.  Under Frederick’s leadership, Virginia went Democrat in a presidential election for the first time since 1964, we lost three GOP held seats and the US Senate seat.  If Hager did not deserve a full term, then by the measure he proposed Frederick should be stepping down-and of his own volition.

His leadership has been tone deaf.  Frederick left the country during a critical portion of the Fall 2008 election, and saw no reason he should have stayed.  Chairman Jeff fired off one of the great howlers with his wretched joke linking Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama.  It is reported he ran credit card donations to RPV through his company-and took a fee for doing so.  At the December Advance he attempted to slip through a budget that would pay for legal services-work that typically has been done pro bono.  His premature Twittering about a John Miller switch in the state Senate may have given the Dems the heads-up to head off the move.

Taken singly, none of these items is fatal.  Taken as a body of work, it shows that Chairman Jeff is not the right person to lead the Va GOP in the 2009 elections.

It is an unfortunate mark of his career that Chairman Jeff works best when he can run against something.  He won his HOD seat by defeating veteran GOP delegate Jack Rollison in a primary.  The primary issue-Rollison supported the transportation referendum in 2002.  Frederick did not then and has not since offered his own vision of how to address the issue…he ran against something, and won.  He did the same with John Hager, capitalizing on unhappiness with the status quo to win the chairmanship.  Since then, nothing.

Perhaps the real measure in defining Chairman Frederick was the time he left the House chamber to avoid voting on key aspects of the controversial House transportation bill in 2007…and yet he now claims he is the candidate of conscience who reflects the true conservative beliefs of the grassroots?  Apparently in Chairman Jeff world conscience is not a strong belief one will not be tempted from.  No, in Chairman Jeff world conscience is apparently similar to a mood ring that changes color based on what is best for Chairman Jeff.

I confess I do get a chuckle from those who say that since Frederick was elected at a convention, the RPV SCC should not attempt to remove him from office.  This makes me chuckle.  The Jeffistas apparently think the party plan is good when it benefits Jeff, and bad when it doesn’t.  I do love that consistency in logic.

Jeff Frederick has clearly shown he is in over his head, and if it were a different election coming up I might not be as eager for him to go.  However, 2009 elects the governor who will be in office during redistricting.  As someone who remembers the hack job the dems did after the 1980 and 1990 census-and were aided and abetted by having a Democrat in the governor’s chair-I can tell you it is critical to win in 2009…and Jeff has proven he ain’t the guy to get-r-done.

Some have said AG McDonnell was wrong to get involved in the fight.  I suggest that the fact that McDonnell was willing to get into the fight despite all the good reasons not to shows just how bad a job Chairman Jeff has done.

Jeff Frederick was elected RPV chair by espousing a standard of competence. However…

He has failed to show competence via electoral success
He has failed to show competence via building the party
He has failed to show competence via demonstration of an ability to build the relationships needed to lead in any successful organization.
He has failed to show competence via his continued gaffe’s in office.

Jeff Frederick has failed to meet his own standard.

It is time for him to go.


15 thoughts on “It’s a Matter of Competence

  1. I didn’t think those criticisms of John Hager were fair when Jeff Frederick made them, and I don’t think they’re fair now. I went to Richmond intending to vote for Hager, and changed my vote to Frederick when I witnessed the incompetence with which that Convention was run. It’s interesting that many of the same people who agreed with me as to those criticisms now find merit in such criticisms.

  2. James, I agreee with you. But Mr. Frederick chose to allow that kind of talk to circulate and did nothing to stop it. He allowed that dog into the fight, and he doesn’t get to whine now and say it is an unfair measure. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  3. Bwana:
    You have hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head, as usual. I said it then and I say it today, Jeff Frederick and his ilk are part of the problem and not part of the solution. It is the right thing to do to hold him to the same standard he held John hager to and he has failed on all fronts. We have a divided party now because of him. The people willing to give money to the Republican Party of Virginia are now holding back much needed war funds until Jeff is gone. Although I was a true Hager delegate and blamed Charlie Judd – then RPV Executive Director, for the disorganized convention, I will say that “we” as a party made a mistake in electing Mr. Frederick and now we are well within our rights to correct that mistake, so we can put a plan together and get someone in the Chairman’s job who can help us win back the Governors Mansion and win back a few seats in the House of Delegates. You are right Bwana when you say that we eneed McDonnell as Governor for no other reason than redistricting and I applaud Bob for having the conviction and forsight to take a stand to insure his own success. It is imparative that we have someone with the veto power to thwart what Sen Saslaw and his minions on the Democrat side will want to shape the landscape. For all those reasons, I implore every SCC member to do the right thing and dump Jeff Frederick as Chairman. All the name for his replacement are fine, my personal preference is Pat Mullins, however, like you Bwana I do not have a vote on Saturday.

    Take care Bwana,

  4. Bwana,

    what an interesting situation with Jeff! believe it our not i’m actually ambivalent about the outcome. just the fact that it’s happening is enlightening 😉

    you think this is something, wait for the battle between Marshall and Fredrick for the PW Senate seat in 2011!

    but i think that a the king of metaphor you might want to change “pollycock” to “poppycock” when you see the def it is totally appropriate…

    for my money that damn “L” key is just too close to the “P” key.


  5. Well said as always, Bwana.

    And remember, Frederick spent $130,000 of other people’s money to get elected RPV Chairman. He is no more grassroots than anyone else at RPV.

  6. Bruce, I would change the pollycock, but wordpress tells me text is committed to granite, so I guess I’m stuck… 😉

    As for Marshall/Frederick, I think that makes for an interesting post all in itself…stay tuned!

  7. McDonnell won AG by how many votes?

    You really think that McD thinks having Frederick as Chairman is his main obstacle to getting elected?


    I have a feeling other folks are a little more worried that McDonnell would win, and then it would be nearly impossible to remove Frederick at that point….

    LG Bolling has really got to be scratching his head at this point…

  8. Spank, I don’t see that I said or suggested here or anywhere that McDonnell sees having Frederick in office as his main obstacle.

    What I wrote was “the fact that McDonnell was willing to get into the fight despite all the good reasons not to shows just how bad a job Chairman Jeff has done.”

    If I were him I would have stayed out of this fight…but the fact that he decided to get into it is a clear indicator that he thinks it is important to get Frederick out of office.

  9. Bruce, isn’t the whole of the 13th HD already in the 29th Senate District?

    I apologize for being more obtuse than normal, but…

  10. Bwana,

    the 13th shares one precinct (brentsville) with the 39th (Barker – formerly Obrien) and about 1/3 of the 13th is in Loudoun. for all intents and purposes the 13th is about 2/3 in the 29th.

    All of the 13th in Loudoun is the 33rd (Herring) ‘cept for slice of the Blue Ridge District that is in the 27th (Vogel).

    what can you expect from a district that’s 41 miles long and has the most registered voters in the Commonwealth (100,200 on election day last year). it’s even bigger than one VA Senate District.


  11. After reading the official description, I have to wonder if you mean Brentsville or do you mean Buckhall? And-key question-which precinct is the home of Bob Marshall?

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