Jeff Frederick Proves it was About Ego…

Having lost a confidence vote and been removed as RPV chair on Saturday, the WaPo reports some items that shows that Frederick is lacking in clues and/or character.

The need of a clue is found when he says he will run again in May because:

“I’m very concerned about the party’s ability to win in the fall,” Frederick said. “The current track we are on will not provide the results that we need.”

The current track the Va GOP is on is very much the result of the water running down a trench he dug. While you may not be able to lay the whole 2008 debacle at his feet, he was in the control room landing-and sometimes crashing-candidacies. If he wants the party on a different track, he should acknowledge that maybe a different driver is needed.

As far as character goes, the article gives another view of Frederick’s ego at play, where possibilities beyond running for chairman comes up:

Frederick would not comment on whether he is considering an alternative post, such as a third-party bid for governor or other elected office.

Jeff, thy name is delusion. Third party run for governor? A man truly outraged about being evicted as chairman would make it clear he wants back what was his. Instead, Jeff is more concerned with keeping all his options open.

What remains to be seen is if Brother Frederick follows the example of past politicos. If he is, then he will realize that victory is more important than personal glory and that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Of course, this would require reading something beyond his own resume and press releases, but let me offer the Cliff Notes version of what Jeff can learn from LBJ and from Thomas Dewey.

When LBJ was in college at San Marcos College, he was blackballed from an exclusive fraternity-like organization called the “Black Stars”. He created the White Stars group as an opposition vehicle in campus elections. During one election, after the Black Stars attacked him because they thought he was the White Star candidate, LBJ pulled and put up a different candidate who was able to avoid attack and won the election.

If this is really about ideology, then Frederick needs to get behind someone with whom he is ideologically sympatico and push that candidate-because victory is more important than individual glory.

Meanwhile, there is the matter of revenge. In 1952 the Robert Taft campaign in a last second effort to derail Dwight Eisenhower sent then Congressman Everett Dirkson to the lectern to attack Eisenhower as the pawn of Thomas Dewey (unsuccessful GOP candidate in 1944 and 1948), saying Dewey led them to defeat before and to keep him from doing it again. This lead to a howling demonstration around Dewey, who remained unflustered and held his ground. Four years later, as the party gathered to nominate Eisenhower for reelection, Dirksen rose to give a speech…and Dewey made it a point to walk out on him, making a point that eluded no one.

The point? Dewey knew how to make a point-Frederick only seems to know how to make a headline. If he is serious about running again he should shut up and get about the business of running and not serving as his own PR agent.

Some reading this might think I am silly to offer helpful advice to someone who I think should be out as GOP chair. But all is well, because for Jeff to get the benefit of my advice he would not only have to read my blog but he would have to be willing to listen to others…

…and we all know that ain’t going to happen.


12 thoughts on “Jeff Frederick Proves it was About Ego…

  1. WHAT would you do if you felt you were being wrongfully accused and rail-roaded? Would you run along now like a good little child and let your accusers get away with it? And why “get behind a party” that you feel no longer shares your point of view on the issues. I’d fight if I were in his shoes, and I will cease supporting Republicans faster than a speeding bullet if they don’t cease trying to be Democrat lites. I am not a Frederick supporter, but I think you are way off base.

  2. JD, I appreciate your opinion…but since you ask if I felt I was wrongly accused and railroaded I would seek the best way to defeat the opposition-and the best path was laid out in the post above…if, that is, he is really in this as a matter of ideology and not of personal aggrandizement. Flat out frontal assaults often are not as successful as a flank attack, and doing exactly what your opposition thinks you are going to do is seldom a winning strategy.

  3. STD-I do listen to others, especially when they address all the matters being considered.

    However, the National Review piece you site only seems to mention the things that can be held in Fredericks favor…and some of them are damning by faint praise. They didn’t mention the whole Twitter fiasco, nor the club footed campaigning, the inability as state chairman to work with the GOP presidential nominees campaign, the disaster in November 2008 that dwarfs the November 2007 results that were offered up by Frederick partisans against John Hager as a reason he had to go.

    Something else they didn’t address-and this goes to the question of political acumen-is why Frederick, if he felt he was surrounded by SCC sharks from the start, didn’t take steps to minimize his vulnerabilities? The November 2008 results alone would not be enough to sustain removal…but taken in conjuntion with all the other items the scale tips against him.

  4. What I would do if I were in Frederick’s seat is step down gracefully, accept that I made mistakes and learn from them. I’d go home and run for my delegate seat and win. I’d campaign for other candidates who supported me and I’d raise as much money as I could to support Republicans candidates statewide.

    In fact, I’d probably try and set up a shadow RPV that linked all of the grassroots who supported him statewide.

    If I was successful in those efforts, I would run for chairman again, AFTER we made some major wins and I had aided enough candidates that I had a solid background of support statewide.

    That would demonstrate that I was more interested in helping the party than in helping myself.

    Frederick could do all that, but he won’t. Instead he’ll prolong this fight and make it harder for us to win in November.

  5. and many question the validity of the twitter deal, because the Senator was just trying to leverage his position.

    You are cited ‘subjective’ things, ‘club footed’, ‘inability to work with’, and showing partisanship with referencing Hager.

    On a scale of what? Did you notice that usually after eight years of a Democrat or Republican President the nation makes a change? Did you notice the same crew that wouldn’t give Gilmore a dime, serverely handicapped the entire effort in general?

    You act like if Hager was in charge of the same old tired crew, the outcome would have been different.

    What is inescapable is that Frederick Peasants are necessary workers to help Landslide Bob win. I don’t know how much experience you have from out behind a keyboard at campaigning, but volunteers are invaluable.

    I don’t care how stupid you think Frederick is…the point of that article was in a state that is so vulnerable, you don’t go shoot one of your generals, and watch their troops walk off the field.

    That my friend is ignorant. Ask Mike Thomas why he was the only one at the Charlottesville meeting that wasn’t willing to make amends… You will find your motive or true ego trip.

  6. My biggest indication of frederick’s “character” is his simple inability to publicly accept any portion of blame for the mess he has created all by himself. So much for Republican personal responsibility. With Frederick it’s always a grand conspiracy against him or the fault of a staffer. He sounds way too much like the Clintons.

  7. STD, you really must turn off the sarcasm key on your keyboard, it appears to be smoking hot right now.

    I will note that the first campaign I worked in as volunteer was for John Dalton in 1977. I have had the chance since then to volunteer in numerous campaigns both political and community-so I do have some small knowledge of the value of volunteers.

    The Twitter deal reveals quite a bit about Brother Frederick…even if Miller was trying to leverage, what possible advantage was to be found in letting the cat out of the bag before everything was in stone? Is there a sound reason for premature exposure? If it is a real effort, you go silent until it is done to ensure things go your way…and until you know it is real and not a leverage opp, you go silent until it is done so you don’t come out looking like a fool…which is what happened.

    Yes, I did notice that after 8 years of one party in the White House the out party wins…in my lifetime it happened in 1968, 1972, 2000. It takes a truly weak president to not hold for two terms (1976) or a very popular one to grab a third four years (1988). But do you know what all those years have in common? Virgina went GOP. If you are the team captain when a huge winning streak is broken, you get the blame…especially when you offer up such bon mots as ineptly trying to connect Obama and Bin Laden. Clearly a joke? Certainly, but one that a leader with even a smidge of political sophistication would know not to attempt.

    Next time I see Mike I will ask him why he wasn’t ready to make amends at the Charlottesville meeting you refer to…but if he was the only one unwilling to make amends, doesn’t that mean that eveyone else was ready to make amends? I find it hard to fathom that if everyone at this meeting was willing to make amends (whatever that connotes) that it didn’t happen…

    I never suggested Hager was the answer or that Frederick is stupid-those are straw men of your own construction. I do think he’s not ready for prime time as RPV chair…and history suggests that if your army is weak, no favors are being done keeping leaders in place who are not equal to the challenges of that position.

    Hager had less than a year in the position, had a bad election cycle, and was replaced. The same happened here, but with the added benefit of high level ineptitude. What works well in a delegate district doesn’t necessarily translate to the state level.

    Frederick had to know this was attempt was coming, and if his performance was weak enough to be unable to ward off the assault…that’s the way it goes. Now, if he wants to put the screws to those who he thinks wronged him, he should throw his weight behind someone else in the race…that allows him to bring his massive support to bear without being the lightning rod in the race. If he sincerely feels there is a need to put new leadership with his ideology back in the party chairman position-not to mention get some revenge-that is the course he will follow.

    We shall see…

  8. Maybe Frederick had this false sense of security… Like the sharks wouldn’t be so insane as to try and take him out? Use the Democrats and Main Stream Media against him? That article skewered the tactics against him, for leaking to the press, then saying we shouldn’t discuss these other ‘terrible’ things… in public.

    On Virginia going Democrat/ic Prez on his watch.. he was crazy jumping into that environment, that had already seen two Dem. Guvs… no kudos for getting in at that time?

    I think you are correct in saying a more effective tactic to put in place a pro ‘grassroots up’ Chair, vs. the inevitable selection of another puppet, would be for Jeff to back strong unit or district chair, that isn’t going to be another placeholder, and can actually inspire volunteers.

  9. This post is right on the money. “If this is really about ideology, then Frederick needs to get behind someone with whom he is ideologically sympatico and push that candidate-because victory is more important than individual glory.

    Exactly. We should NOT confuse the “message” with the “messenger.”

    The fight over removal of the RPV Chair has been the most jumbled, mixed-up debate I’ve ever seen. All I keep hearing is…it was moderate vs. conservative, insider vs. grassroots. pro-life vs. pro-choice, cool-aid drinking purists vs. smear the line big tenters.

    There was nothing wrong with Jeff Frederick’s “message”. That is what made me look past all his personality flaws and attracted me to his candidacy. The problem was simply the “messenger.” He deceived and stabbed in the back those that were closest to him during his campaign for Chairman, while fumbling, bumbling through EVERY single move he made once elected.

    It was him……Jeff Frederick….nothing more. So, SPD and others, nobody is attacking his integrity (unless you include loyalty to your campaign advisors). The issue is his utter incompetence and inability to work with ANYONE…even those that financed his race for Chairman.

    The debate as it’s raging now is just tearing the party apart and will make it impossible for those laudable goals that were part of Jeff Frederick’s platform to ever be implemented when we DO find a competent leader for RPV.

  10. Bwana:
    Simply put, Frederick is part of the problem and not part of the solution. He does not take any share of blame for why things are the way they are. He strikes me as someone who will always be “looking for the missing can of strawberries…and I would have found them too had not other people thwarted my efforts!”
    Great post, right on the money and let the real folks help win back the Governors Mansion and let the petulant child go back to his corner in Woodbridge with his bowl of pablum. I also value loyalty and for the “little corporal” to stab his own advisors and supporters in the back after he colossally and repeatedly screwed up, then I definately say goodbye and good riddance.
    I am in the let’s draft Pat Mullins for State Chairman group. But really anybody BUT Jeff will do.
    Take care Bwana, give my best to the SWMBO and the WMD’s

  11. It should be noted-as a terminus to this string-that in November 2009 the Virginia GOP, w/o Jeff Frederick in charge, carried all three statewide seats and increased their effective majority in the HOD to 61.

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