Feder’s Gone, and Hope Springs Eternal…

“Just a taste of something different, perking up a boring day…”

The strains of Jimmy Buffett’s “Somewhere Over China” were drifting through the air as something new and something old came across my desk to complement news from Va-10 that Mike Turner was bailing on his delegate campaign against Joe May.  Perhaps Mr. Turner thinks it better to fade away rather than burnout.

On the other hand, the flaming meteor that teased and tantalized Va-10 Democrats has burned out.  Judy Feder, the Georgetown Universty professor and Dean who had no trouble raising millions of dollars from outside Va-10 and huge trouble breaking 40% inside Va-10 is withdrawing her hat from the ring and hanging it up…she has submitted her campaign finance termination report.

Meanwhile, their progressive pin-up girl having left the stage, Lowell and others continue to ride the pipe dream of if you can’t beat them, click your heels together and say “There’s nothing like a Frank Wolf retirement”.

They point to a lack of fundraising in Q1 2009 and a very choosy selection of photo ops “missed”, the disappointed Federistas give voice to their fondest dream-that the man they could not defeat at the polls will not be on the ballot in 2010.  They then spiral into a discussion of who would run if Frank Wolf doesn’t run.

I hate to spoil their monday AM coffee, but let’s get back to reality.

Frank Wolf had a slow Q1 in 2005.  He had a slow Q1 in 2007.  It’s part of his modus operandi, not an indication of retirement.  Since I don’t have access to his calendar, I don’t know that not appearing for a photo op is as big a thing as some are trying to make it out to be.

As I have noted many times, Congressman Frank Wolf has his job of a lifetime.  He has said that many times.  Kids are all out of the house, lives in a district smack dab next to the capital.  Unless he is tired of the job, why step down?

Yep, he’s in the minority.  He was in the minority from 1981-1995.  It’s still his job of a lifetime.

Then there is that little matter of effective impact.  Mr. Wolf has many colleagues who have retired during his tenure, and I imagine they have told him a story as that has held true since the Congress was created-it is a lot easier to get a phone call for a member of Congress than for a former member of Congress.

Given Congressman Wolf’s long and well documented interest in a variety of human rights issues, I do not see how he would have more impact on said issues by leaving Congress.

Frank Wolf will run in 2010…and I don’t know that you should rule out his continuing to run past the next redistricting.

Suggestions he is retiring are so much piffle.  But Lowell and Evan, thank you-you have perked up up a boring day!


5 thoughts on “Feder’s Gone, and Hope Springs Eternal…

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  2. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Frank is a great Congressman and is serving his constituents and the people of Virginia well, just like he always has. Take care Bwana,


  3. I’d be shocked to see Wolf retire now. I would expect him to run in 2010 and I’d bet heavily on his re-election. After that his retirement becomes a distinct possibility.

    After redistricting the 10th will be more geographically compact and likely much more Democratic. After thirty years in Congress that might be a logical time for him to take his final bow. Add to that being a member of the minority and it makes retirement at that point a distinct possibility.

    That would make the 2012 race in the 10th very fun to watch. Who might the Republican candidate be? Or the Democrat? With no incumbent Congressman will Obama being on the top of the ballot in 2012 give the Democrat a significant tailwind?

    It could be the most interesting race the 10th has seen in decades.

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