WaPo Political Sense…

I could not help but notice that in today’s WaPo print edition the GOP Convention warranted an article buried inside the B-section. 

Meanwhile, the Creigh Deeds bio puff piece was on the front page of the Metro section.

Remember this the next time someone tries to sell the canard that the WaPo is objective in its political coverage…and that is not even before we return to the subject of columnist Marc Fisher, who-if the WaPO was honest-should have some portion of his salary listed as an in-kind contribution to the Virginia Democratic Party.


3 thoughts on “WaPo Political Sense…

  1. I wouldn’t be too quick to detect bias there. The Post routinely does profiles, usually one day or one week after another on candidates for contested intra-party races and has been doing that lately for the Dem governor race. They run all of those on the front page of Metro, so as not to show favoritism to any one candidate. These pieces tend to be fairly soft for all the candidates – they usually get one or two “antis” to say something vaguely negative, but the overal tone is generally fairly gentle, whether the candidates are Rs or Ds.

  2. That would be one way to look at it, and completely plausible.

    Another is that the profile is for a primary race that does not occur for another ten days, yet it gets the front page metro above the fold…while the story on an actual event happening that day is given less coverage. Still more proof is seen today, where the story on the convention focuses on the potentially divisive chairman’s fight with but a bare paragraph mentioning the AG nomination contest.

    I daresay that the view #2 is quite likely, especially when you look at the long history of WaPo political coverage…

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