Cooch-Roses for Marshall?

When The Cooch sends out his thank you cards for his AG nomination, I hope he sends a big bouquet of roses to Bob Marshall.  While there is no empirical evidence to prove it, I have a hunch I hit things on the head in January of 2008 when I wrote (in part):


But the real winner of Bob Marshall’s quixotic candidacy?
My State Senator; the only GOP State Senator in Fairfax County; the one, the only…the man, myth and legend known to many simply as “The Cooch”-Ken Cuccinelli…

Cuccinelli is one of Marshall’s prominent supporters, a member of his exploratory committee. There will be times when Marshall cannot attend meetings, even local mass meetings, and will need surrogate speakers to carry the flag…and who will be waiting? The Cooch!

The Cooch has the chance to travel the Commonwealth proselytizing for Marshall, and at the same time show himself to party activists in ROVA who are not familiar with him. They will have the chance to encounter Cooch for the first time not as a candidate but as a genial, effective speaker. They will be impressed with his presentation skills and with his ardor in supporting the candidate of his choice…and when time comes for his run in 2009, many months after the Marshall candidacy has been disposed with, these same party activists will remember meeting The Cooch up close and personal.

They are going to remember how well he came across. They will remember how he was the only GOP Senator in Fairfax County to win his election. They will remember the ardor and the effectiveness…and they will say, “I like him…I think I will back him for AG”.

The Bob Marshall candidacy will provide The Cooch a much smoother path to the 2009 AG nomination, and maybe…just maybe…even farther.


Dollars to donuts that opportunity touring the state gave the Cooch a critical edge over Brownlee and Foster,  It got him out in front of convention delegates and allowed him to sharpen his style, comfort level, and campaign planning-all while campaigning for someone else-and gave likely delegates seeing him for the first time a chance to see him as an advocate and not as a candidate.

Uh, Cooch…better make that two bouquets…


4 thoughts on “Cooch-Roses for Marshall?

  1. Bwana:

    All this “Cooch” man-crush you got going on here is making some of us rather ill!!Hope he is savoring the flavor, because, I DO NOT think he will be as successful in November!!
    In the words of the mythical Forest Gump – “And that’s all I got to say ’bout that!”
    Have a good weekend Bwana


  2. BFIV, I am sincerely sorry you mistake man crushes for what the post really was, namely…

    (a) A solid bit of political prognostication in the original post-namely, a suggestion made in January 2008 that seemed to reach fruition in May 2009.
    (b) Some solid patting myself on the back for writing part (a)

    I would have expected you to worry about me dislocating my shoulder, but “man crush”? Don’t go bringing the weak stuff…ill will gets you no where, my friend!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Bwana:
    Well,you don’t need to pat yourself on the back for your writing, I can definately help you there… I always thought and continue to think you are an excellant and insightful writer. You are very talented, maybe sometime when the WMD’s are older and you get tired of blogging, you might think about penning a book of some description either non-fiction political history or a fictional historical epic, I would definately buy it.

    So far as the political calling of “balls and strikes”! You did a pretty good job of that, however, you and I have about equal batting averages there. So good on you,

    And lastly, while true ill will normally gets no where, in this instance, I do at least feel better. If you took personal offense to that then, not my intention and I am profoundly sorry.

    At the end of the day, you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on the matter of Senator Cuccinelli.

    Take care Bwana,


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