I am Shocked, Shocked to see McAuliffe…

…be less than scrupulous with the truth!  No-really, I am!

I just caught up to the Vivian Paige observation that Virginia State Firefighters Assocation is not pleased with the Terry McAuliffe campaign for not being entirely truthfull in his claim that he is backed by firefighters.

But should we be surprised at this conduct? After all, this is the candidate that the WaPo caught in a complete falsehood (yes, we are avoiding the “L” word) regarding the use of third grade reading scores to predict prison populations…and when challenged on the matter Delacey Skinner of the McAuliffe campaign replied they were sticking with the position because they were “comfortable” with the formulation as “shorthand”…even though it is completely untrue as to policy in Virginia.

Ah, Captain Renault would be pleased:


I am reminded of the parable about the scorpion-perhaps Terry McAuliffe is not to be blamed…perhaps it is just his inherent nature.


3 thoughts on “I am Shocked, Shocked to see McAuliffe…

  1. These people are Clintonites. Doesn’t that insulate us against shock, even the Capitain Renualt variety?

  2. Not me, dude…I continually hope for folks to answer to the better angels of their nature…which means I almost always have something to look forward to!

    All I can say is…looks like Terry doesn’t get his red corvette!

  3. Bwana:
    What else can be said, other than, “Round up all the usual suspects!!”

    Take care,

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