Sarah Palin: WTF?

I think the title says it all…but my honorary membership in Bloviators Anonymous requires me to continue.

What in the world is she thinking?  Let’s assume Governor Palin wants to run in 2012.  How is her cause helped by bailing out out now as opposed to serving to the end of her term?  Who is advising her?

I truly am amazed at this.  While I understand the difficulty of governing while campaigning, she has not even gotten through three quarters of her first term in office!  Does she really think that bailing now will be hailed as a good thing?  Does she really think avoiding lame duck status will work in her favor?  Has anyone ever gotten a positive bounce for quitting?

Strange-the GOP governor who should be resigning isn’t and the one who shouldn’t be is.

This is one of those decisions that just makes you scratch your head and say “h’mmmmmmmmmm…”

Somehow I feel somehow at fault.  Last year as we prepared to come home from a late vacation we got word that John McCain had tabbed Palin as his VP choice.  This year, as we settle in after arriving home from an early vacation we get word that Governor Palin is stepping down.

Looks like I better start vetting my vacation plans with the RNC.


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