OK, who hid Tooconservative.com?

I come back from Goshen ready to catch up on blogworld, and tooconservative.com is parked with GoDaddy.com.

Unless someone did this to gain some serious face time with GoDaddy pinup girl Danica Patrick, someones got some ‘splaining to do!

So, in my absence, who or what hid Tooconservative.com????

Update #1: Sent emails last night to Vince, etc, and all the guys with “@tooconservative.com” email addresses…and they all bounced back.

Update #2: Pinged Vince via Twitter, and he replied that TC would be back up w/in a week.

This is good news, but I cannot help but note they started having site and graphics problems when they removed a particular winning conservative Virginia GOP official-Frank Wolf- from their site graphics.


2 thoughts on “OK, who hid Tooconservative.com?

  1. Perhaps Bob McDonnell (who employs Vince, if I’m not mistaken) got sick and tired of the smears of Republicans coming from other contributors to the site.

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