Jody Wagner-Pot, meet Kettle

It is pretty clear that Democratic Lt. Gov. nominee Jody Wagner, facing an incumbent and not having a record of achievement to run on-defend, yes…run on, no-has adopted a strategy of attacking Lt. Governor Bolling with little regard to substance, reality, or consistencey-sort of like the attack Riley examined earlier this month.

Well, she’s at it again…

Lowell Feld reports that Jody Wagner has taken time off from inaccurately forecasting revenue for the Commonwealth of Virginia to attack Lt. Governor Bill Bolling for not attending various commission meetings.

Given Ms. Wagner commitment to 100% attendance at advisory board meetings (which have no real power, hence their being advisory), I eagerly await her analysis of and attack on Governor Kaine’s record for missing 20% or more of the work week as the elected leader of Virginia while attending to purely partisan pursuits as Chairman of the DNC.

Pot, meet Kettle.


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