Can Any Governor Ignore DC?

There are several threads running through the current campaign, and one is the willingness of Bob McDonnell to bring national issues into the campaign and Creigh Deeds dogged refusal to do the same…unless, of course, it is related to abortion.

Given our proximity the Capital, given how much of the Virginia economy is impacted by the policies and practices of the Federal Government, I have always thought it silly to refuse to discuss federal issues that pertain to life in Virginia.

Seems I am not alone in that thinking.  Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Wyatt Durrette recently offered his perspective on the matter.  While conceding that political considerations will drive how candidates address the matter, Mr. Durrette derides dodging the matter:

Neither Deeds nor McDonnell, nor the legislators they serve with, can ignore what happens across the Potomac River. A candidate’s views on…issues being addressed in DC are important to know…

But to dodge expressing your views because those are national not state issues is a subterfuge. As the saying goes, “that dog won’t hunt.”

Creigh…you listening?


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