Great Line

I appreciate the written word as much as the next blogger, but the sheer volume of verbiage often clouds what can be really insightful analysis or a sprightly turn of phrase…and when I encounter the same, I think it should be recognized.

I have long been a fan of Norm Leahy at Tertium Quids (and before that at OMT) even though he doesn’t know RR exists (sob!)…but I see where he recently fired off one for the ages. Referring to the political practice name dropping past hero’s in order to inspire future loyalists, he says of Democrats talking about Warner/Kaine:

It’s not much different, in some ways, from Republicans who invoke Ronald Reagan’s name like it was the password to a speakeasy.

Now that’s good writing!


5 thoughts on “Great Line

  1. …and with that kind introduction by the man, the myth, the legend Norm Leahy the Revelation Gospel Church Hallelujah Choir will now sing…”Oh Happy Day!”

    My day is officially made…

  2. Bwana, Barney Day and Norm Leahy. Where would I be without them. Polished writers in a bloggy, choppy sea of mediocrity. Mr. Bowden occasionally has a good phrase or allusion up his sleeve also. With all these recently arrived Bwana posts, I feel like I just stumbled on a trove of unopened Christmas presents from a year ago. With Bwana and Norm, I can count on getting some original thought, not just some tattered talking point samidzat that starts making the rounds from a mimeograph machine in the bowels of the Longworth House Office Building, or wherever these hacks live.

  3. I guess, to be current, I should have said “e-samidzat” or however the hell one transliterates that from the Russian.

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