Tim Kaine Swears He’s Relevant…

It’s one of those Princess Bride moments…I don’t think the term means what he thinks it means…

Anita Kumar reports that The Gov swears he’s a benefit to Creigh Deeds.

When asked why he wasn’t in the first Creigh Deeds advertisements, Kaine talked about other (perhaps he meant more popular) Democrats taking the first cut then mentions his 55% approval rating and says:

“There are governors who have had no scandals, no challenges that are at approval ratings of 19 percent right now,” he said.

Let’s move beyond the fact he does not mention names, or that one of those names is likely Jon Corzine of New Jersey…whom as DNC Chair Kaine is trying to get reelected.

I guess he means those Governor’s who don’t spend 20% or more of their time out of state for partisan purposes, and perhaps because they stay at home working are more identified with problems.

Or maybe he means governors who are willing to take the heat after their budget staff yet again woefully underestimates the amount of revenue the state will bring in, and after basing a budget on bad analysis has to offer cuts because he doesn’t have the wherewithal to go to the state legislature and propose raising taxes-even prior to the recession.

I’m not even going to mention how one benefit for him of being out of state is not having to worry about using highway rest stations-like the ones The Gov closed in Virginia.

I think come November Tim Kaine-and his failure to lead throughout his term in office-is going to find out he is very relevant to the decision making processes of Virginians…just not in quite the way he thinks he is.


One thought on “Tim Kaine Swears He’s Relevant…

  1. Bwana:
    I do not know why everybodiy is surprised. This is more of the same ol’ Gov Tim that we have had for the last 4 years. Tim comes in and it spouts off and avoids the real question and “blovates” somemore on the particular all “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!” (You would remember better than I the derivation of that quote). Therefore I would say that the very fact that his entire Term has been irrelevant, in fact makes him relevant in this upcoming race as a lesson to Creigh in what not to do and how not to act as Governor.
    Glad you’re back in the usual good form Bwana, missed ya!!


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